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Keep Your Financial Footing at 22….

August 6, 2006

So You Can Buy That House at 32 (article link courtesy of Jane Dough)

Articles like this always intrigue me. They make me think “oh, there IS a magic formula!” or “what ingredients do they have that I don’t?” I should expect the usual Stay out of Debt caveats but I’m always hoping that there will be one or three gems of advice or investing wisdom that I’ve not yet discovered and implemented.

Hm, what it boils down to is five bits of advice that are good sense but aren’t very enlightening to me. It tells you to live a simple lifestyle, not the one your parents are theoretically living, don’t carry credit card debt, don’t rush to pay off student loans (interest is tax deductible), be careful using credit cards, and don’t make extravagant auto purchase or lease decisions.

And the 22 to 32 business? Nothing more than the span of time that new college grads will spend possibly getting themselves into financial trouble before they hit “average first-time homebuyer” age.
Oh well. Better luck next time.

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