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November 29, 2008

Had a nice long horrors-of-the-economy chat with a good friend, and absentmindedly cleared up a lot of paperwork on my desk. Not that I usually mind tidying, I just never do it when I’m sick, so the distraction made it painless. She was telling me about her latest call from their financial adviser and that they were told to Stop Spending. It wasn’t meant to target them specifically for overspending, it was just a report on the state of their portfolios and their immediate advice to all retirees were to batten down the hatches and preserve principal. That’s probably good advice for any of us. πŸ˜›

Have two offers (low, of course) on the table for the truck and will need to work out a plan to get the paperwork done on Monday. Should I go to the dealer in the morning and go to work late? Go to work early and leave early?

I went out for the first time today, and saw the corner gas station listing Unleaded for $1.87!! That is amazing! What has been going on out there this week? However long the lower gas prices last, I’m loving it and the corresponding lightened load on my monthly gas bills.


Some articles that caught my eye:

Crackerjack Greenback talks about financial advisors and ways to educate yourself to avoid being Ripped Off. This appeals to my inner paranoid nerd. It’s probably that I’m simply not ready for that kind of commitment, but I have a hard time parsing how I’d find a trustworthy adviser. I’m sure they’re out there…..

MoneyBeagle‘s grocery store finally put doors back on their frozen foods section. I never did understand this. Most of our grocery stores only did this with endcaps, thankfully, but it was still darned cold walking past and seemed like such a waste of energy!

Ms. Fabulously Broke is about to become Formerly Broke! I’m glad we can keep the “FB” initials, but I wish we weren’t replacing the Fab part. That’s going to stay the same! πŸ˜‰ Congratulations, chica!!

Matt’s scored a new, higher paying job which is absolutely fantastic news. I hope you love the new position, and wish your comments would start working again. πŸ™‚

Plonkee tells us about her political policy opinions. I refrain from politicking here, so I didn’t realize that healthcare was a taboo PF topic. Is it? I do agree that our healthcare system is decrepit, though. I would not advocate for a socialized system because I can think of too many problems associated with it, but that’s not because I like our system much better. There’s just so much room for improvement!

Deepali at paradigmshifted posted a list I like to repeat to myself during rough times: things to be thankful for.


Also, I don’t think I’m buying a laptop for nearly $700. Got news of two more friends who were laid off today and tales of misfortune make me more hyper-aware of the need to batten down MY hatches. Which, of course, always puts me in mind of the irony that the economy is suffering in some part because consumers aren’t consuming. Happily, today’s well-timed guest post by Carson Brackney over at Consumerism Commentary discusses this very phenomenon:

We’re actively engaging in the very behavior that encourages a larger financial crisis in order to protect ourselves from that very same financial crisis.

Wanda of Well-Heeled talked about pulling back on spending and the perceived effect on the economy of not spending a short time ago. and I still can’t find it in my heart to disagree that while mindful or needful spending is fine, this entire popping bubble situation is born of the mentality that our only weapon, tool or coping mechanism is to spend. It’s going to continue to be a painful time, and I feel for every one of us who will have to weather this storm, but I have hopes that our continued good stewardship of our resources and good money management will bring us through safely in the end. Maybe that’s too PollyAnna for some, but I’m still feeling positive from Deepali’s thankfulness reminder.

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  1. Why thank you mademoiselle! πŸ™‚

    I am completely debt free as of Nov 30th 2008 with around $83,000 as my net worth πŸ˜€

  2. Revanche says:

    FB: You are quite welcome! It’s nice to have some GOOD economic news around, after all πŸ˜‰

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