By: Revanche


November 10, 2008

Some news and thoughts from around the blogosphere …..

Sense is having a rough time of it.

Single Ma’s got a new series starting on Maintaining Fabulous Financials. Step one is to produce more income.

Matt’s enjoying his lovely new baby girl. She’s a month old!

One Frugal Girl linked to this great post on How to Find that Elusive Balance Between Work and Life.

Jen encourages thinking positively. I know it’s not new, but I like it and it bears repeating and rereading.

New blog discovery: MoneyBeagle

New guilty pleasure: Trauma Queen. Put upon Brits come across funnier than angry Americans to me. Is it because I hear their accents in my head?


I feel like I work for A.I.G. — our budget is In’n’Out style and they’re talking about a black tie Christmas dinner at some ridiculously overpriced restaurant. Does that sound like a bad idea to anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

5 Responses to “Linkeroo”

  1. Matt says:

    Thanks for the link 🙂

    Black tie x-mass in a rough economy? Really?

  2. Money Beagle says:

    Thanks for discovering my blog. I hope you enjoy!

  3. Revanche says:

    matt: Certainly!
    Yeah, is it a surprise I’m not on board? It’s not like I’d have to spend any money on a new dress, I have plenty of old clothing, but it’s the principle.

    money beagle: You’re welcome!

  4. Trevor says:

    Bueller… ? Bueller… ? 🙂 Nice picture!

  5. Revanche says:

    Trevor: Thanks 🙂

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