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Jaunt about BlogTown

April 29, 2009

I had the world’s best homemade double-layered peanut butter cookie with a touch of oats for breakfast this morning. I scarfed mine too quickly to get a photo of it, but managed to snap one before they were all gone. Apologies for the less than stellar photography, ’twas the best I could do under the circumstances. I need the recipe for these cookies.

SingleMa’s ideal vacation has been my daydream for the past three months: sun, sand, shade, a hammock, books and nothing but water lapping at the edges of my sensory perception. It doesn’t have to be a Caribbean resort necessarily, but an all-inclusive would be the most sensible since I still need to be fed. And lazing about on the beach all day doesn’t leave much time for the grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning I love so much.

DogAteMyFinances’s reference to her “unemployment flu” made me smile. It’s just the name that’s funny, not the condition itself. In our circle, I don’t think anyone has been left out of calls or invitations for anything due to catching unemployment. I’m grateful that we prize each other’s company above all else, and rarely do we initiate gatherings with an entrance fee. Where possible, we’ll split the cost for the unemployed group member. When we had an at home spa day, we clubbed our pennies together to cover a third friend though she only originally came to enjoy our company. Our broke college days aren’t so far off that we can’t share. Or is that they’re far enough off that whose who can afford to be, are?

Not to dwell on unemployment, but Funny About Money wrote a lovely guide to plan plan planning for that oft-dreaded state. It’s much more helpful as a primer than my occasional spaz-outs.

@FMFblog tweeted this NY Times article: A primer on Buying Life and Disability Insurance. I just received notification that my application to increase my (verrrry basic) life insurance from work to a whopping $200k policy was approved. This policy is portable, so at the very least I’ll have that much coverage in case I don’t get my crap together in time.

Speaking of the NY Times, Mapgirl was linked by NY Times Your Money! Isn’t that cool??

My buddy-in-spending (and saving!!), Well-Heeled has decided to spend even more. Consciously, though, and on things that will make her happy, healthy, wealthy and wise. Wait, which of those don’t belong? We’ve been sharing the same sentiments about this recession [so done with it] and other related matters. I may get ’round to sharing my thoughts in a future post.

Happy Wednesday all!

3 Responses to “Jaunt about BlogTown”

  1. L.A. Daze says:

    I want that cookie!

  2. asgreen says:

    Oh my god! That cookie looks amazing.

  3. Revanche says:

    L.A. Daze: I can almost promise to share if I ever get the recipe and master it.

    asgreen: For you, I will share more photos. 🙂 Not because I’m playing favorites, I just don’t know where you’re located.

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