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August 15, 2009

Intervention: A gathering of longtime friends and their spouses turned into a dogpile of “you need to go to the doctor!” Our “target” was a lovely new mother who seemed to think that seeing objects plus an extra aura-like outline was negligible, and her increasingly painful joints just part of new, busy, motherhood. I didn’t hesitate for a second to whip out the guilt trip: “my mother refused to take care of herself for months, years, decades even. And look at the results of that decision! Think of your daughter!” She agreed to start scheduling appointments this week.

Promos: I’ve earned both my Electric Orange promotion, having finally reached the $250 spending requirement on the Citibank offer. I’m still waiting on my referral money from opening my TradeKing account.

Electric Orange and checks: While I still have a box of checks, I thought I’d try out the Electric Orange Mail a Check service. They foot the bill for the postage, but it looks like you have to transfer the money to ING at least seven days before the check is due. Remember to account for non-business days! A check cannot be dated for a non-business mailing date.

If it needs to be there on the 15th, the money transfer needs to be iniated on the 6th, the money will be available on either the 7th or 10th, and then it takes 5 business days to arrive via first class mail.

Food: Clementines are back on sale for $5/3 pound box. Not the best deal ever, but affordable, so huzzah! Y’all know how I feel about my Vit C. Also scored great deals on fresh whole chicken (it’s cheaper to butcher on your own, and by on “your own” I mean have my dad do it), yummy pears, pasta, and bell peppers. They sort of make a meal, together, too.

Kitchen: Tinkering with recipes is fun, but I’m a bit of a kitchen hog. If you’re not there to play sous chef/food taster, I don’t want you in the kitchen “helping” me. It’s annoying. Go cook somewhere else, this was my idea!

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Frugal Trenches has a great series on Getting Rid of Your Sense of Entitlement.
MoneyDummy made me smile as she discovers that laying in a large supply of an addict’s habit = higher consumption.

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