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Carnival of Personal Finance #233: Welcome to Webcomics

November 30, 2009

Welcome to the Carnival of Personal Finance #233! 

If this is your first time visiting A Gai Shan Life, you can read about me here, or follow me on Twitter. I’ve been blogging about all the personal aspects of money since July 2006 and hope you enjoy your stay!  

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My regular readers know that I’m a huge fan of comic books, but I also love webcomics which are readily accessible to anyone with an internet connection.  There’s such a wide variety that there’s something for everyone.

With the guys out there putting my favorite comic characters and teams in the spotlight, most recently Brian Scheur’s Personal Finance Spectrum, I wanted to share webcomics that intersect with our world of personal finance.  Maybe you’ll find something that you’d like to follow! 

Editor’s Picks
Patches, created by Kelly Vivanco

SS4BC (Small Steps for Big Change)
You shouldn’t buy a house if…
Small Steps sets out sensible financial guidelines for making the decision to buy a house.  No matter what shape the housing market is in, you and your finances will be on much better footing if you follow these suggested rules.

Baker (Man Vs. Debt)
There’s Always an Excuse Not to Give
Charity is on Baker’s mind, and he’s evaluating his reasons for not giving as he feels he should.  

Silicon Valley Blogger (The Digerati Life)
Want To Day Trade? Try Paper Trading First
SVB suggests paper trading as the better method of dipping your toe in the day trading waters.

Created by Emily Horne and Joey Comeau, this pictorial comic can be found at

Jim (Bargaineering)
Lower the Interest Rate on Credit Card Debt
One of the best things you can do when trying to get out of debt is reduce the amount owed. 

JS (Smart Money Daily)
How to Stop Debt Collector Harassment
SMD offers tips on getting some power back in dealing with debt collectors.

Christine (Money Funk)
Bad Debt to Income Ratio
Christine says “Motley Fool’s Get Out of Debt worksheet is what started my family’s debt free journey and blogging about our personal finances. In the beginning, the family’s bad debt-to-income-ratio was approximately 112% paying $3496.27 in annual interest! Find out where your bad debt to income ratio stands.”

Money Management
Created by R.K. Milholland, Something Positive is not for the faint of heart. Go to if you’ve got a wicked sense of humor. 

Dr. Dean (The Millionaire Nurse Blog)
Buying a New Car: Is it Evil?
Dr. Dean takes on the new car vs. used car debate, and doesn’t get sued.

Olivia (Independent Beginnings)
Sometimes Life Throws You Curve Balls
Olivia compares life’s complexities to the challenges of baseball.

J.D. Roth (Get Rich Slowly)
The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good
Sage words from J.D. in Part Nine of his 13 part series on the basic tenets of GRS: “When you spend so much time looking for the “best” choice that you never actually do anything, you’re sabotaging yourself.”

mbhunter (Mighty Bargain Hunter)
What money smells do you need to work on?
MBH is getting nosy! He’s asking, “things aren’t bad with your finances, but they’re getting a little smelly. What’s going wrong?”

MiddleWay (Early Retirement the Middle Way)
Fun Weekend
Musings from someone who is aiming for an early retirement.

Irregular Webcomic is set up, photographed, and scripted by David Morgan-Mar. Read his mission statement.

Rainy-Day Saver (Rainy-Day Saver)
Tips for Getting the Best Deals on Christmas Gifts
A quick primer of how to make sure you’re getting the best deal when shopping.

Studenomist (Studenomics)
Holiday Shopping Tips To Be The Perfect Santa
Tips for those still striving for the ultimate gift at a reasonable price.

Bob (Christian Finances)
3 simple ideas to save money

Amanda (My Dollar Plan)
How to Score Big on Cyber Monday
If you missed out or skipped out on Black Friday, perhaps Cyber Monday has something worth your while.

Jonathon Rosenberg’s Goats has been a staple webcomic since 1997.  That makes it ancient in web-years.

Simon Zhen (Realm of Prosperity)
Perform Your Annual Financial Checkup For Free


Unshelved by Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum is set in a public library.

J. Money (Budgets Are Sexy)
The Mexican Fisherman
J. Money shares a favorite parable as a great example to appreciate what you have now instead of getting so caught up with your career.

Craig Ford (Money Help For Christians)
How To Evaluate Risk When Starting A Small Business
Craig outlines some methods to address risks as a potential small business owner.

Bret (Hope to Prosper)
Practical Advice for the Career Challenged
Bret offers “Simple and practical advice for those who have slipped off the career path.”

Real Estate

Paul Southworth’s Ugly Hill has ended but the archives are still available for your enjoyment.

David (Money Under 30)
Are FHA Mortgage Loans a Good Idea for First-Time Home Buyers?

Kyle (Amateur Asset Allocator)
When An Adjustable Rate Mortgage Isn’t Financial Suicide


 Excerpted from Meredith Gran’s Octopus Pie published on Sept 19, 2009.  

Marie (Moneymonk)
Debt: Where to start?
This is the first of a five part series on Creating Your Financial Empire

Jason (One Money Design)
Convert to a Roth IRA in 2010?
Jason reviews the rules surrounding a Roth IRA conversion and when it might make sense.

Super Saver (My Wealth Builder)
What We Learned from the Financial Crisis
Super Saver reviews the key points we should apply to our investing strategies post-crisis.

Mike Piper (The Oblivious Investor)
Efficient Market Hypothesis: Strong, Semi-Strong, and Weak
Mike breaks down the three forms of Efficient Market Hypothesis.

D4L (Dividends Value)
7 Dividend Stocks To Take The Emotion Out Of Investing
Stocks didn’t go on sale in October as D4L expected, so what’s a rational investor to do? Is there such a thing?

The Dividend Guy (The Dividend Guy)
The David Swensen Asset Allocation Model
The Dividend Guy shares the Allocation Model of a man who, as the famed manager of the Yale Endowment Fund, has been able to generate a 16.3% annualized return during his tenure.

Darwin (Darwin’s Finance)
Review: Flex CD Offers High Yield if the Dollar Tanks Against BRIC Currencies
Darwin reviews the benefits of a Currency-hedged CD.

FrugalTrader (Million Dollar Journey)
How To Buy Dividend Stocks
FrugalTrader shares an exploration into the world of dividend stock-buying strategy.


Created by David Malki! of Wondermark. Another fine fellow. He also does an exquisite calendar for Christmas.

David (Credit Card Offers IQ)
7 Things To Consider When Applying for a Credit Card

Chris Holdheide (Stumble Forward)
What Is An Unsecured Credit Card And How Can It Benefit You

Mr. Credit Card (Ask Mr. Credit Card)
Credit Card Regulations and its Unintended Consequences

Created by Randall Munroe; XKCD is for those with wonderfully esoteric, dorky or unusual humor.

vh (Funny about Money)
Median Income, Median Savings
vh analyzes the discussion about the association between incomes and savings and how that affects the published medians. 

Bucksome (Buck$ome Boomer’s Journey to Retirement)
Holiday Shopping Tips
Bucksome’s shopping tips are good planning.

Miss M (M is for Money)
Saving Up for Christmas
It’s not too late to start your saving plan for Christmas – even if it’s just for next year!

ElizabethG (Modern Gal)
Avoiding Year-End Binge Spending
Just like the holidays can be dangerous for your actual waistline, they can be equally unkind to our pocketbooks and spending habits.

Mike (Minting Pennies)
Who Is On Your Naughty List?
Mike reminds us to be aware of the kinds of gifts we choose – specifically gift cards – and their limitations.

Big Ass Superstar (Big Ass Superstar)
Hooked up with a TFSA

Dinosaur Comics was created by Ryan North.  It’s about talking dinosaurs.

Mrs. Money (Ultimate Money Blog- Save Green and Live Green)
Not the Time for Fantasies?
Mrs. Money is a bit of a dreamer, and wonders if now is the time to realize those dreams or would that become a nightmare?

Steven (Hundred Goal$)
What is the Value of Money? 
Steven’s wondering “What is it that gives money its value, or even gold for that matter?”  Maybe the dinosaurs can help us out with this one.

Jeph Jacques’ Questionable Content is a slice-of-life webcomic, “ostensibly about romance, indie rock, little robots, and the problems people have.”

PT (PT Money)
Ten Financial Moves to Consider Before 2009 Ends
As the year winds down, make sure you’ve covered all the possible tax-related financial bases.

Helen (Science and Money)
Giving Thanks and a Little Bit More
Have you made your charitable donations for the year? Be sure to get them in before December 31st to quality for the 2009 tax year.

Shortpacked! from David Willis.  You’ve seen this here before.

Henry Stern, LUTCF, CBC (InsureBlog)
Helpful Carrier Trick: Aetna Edition
Aetna’s new program to help people budget for health care.

Penny Arcade: featuring the alter-egos of creators Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, this comic and accompanying commentary is a major voice in gaming. And if you catch them in person, they might even tell you hilarious stories about how they knew nothing about business, ’til their current business manager saved their butts. They also run an amazing charity (Child’s Play) for sick kids.

eemusings (Musings of an Abstract Aucklander)
Getting the most out of mystery shopping
E gives us the basics of mystery shopping — avoid scams!

FMF (Free Money Finance)
Are You Tipping This Holiday Season?
FMF is surprised that tipping at the holidays is such a controversial subject.

WellHeeled (Well-Heeled, with a Mission)
Restaurant Cuisine Hierarchy: Why Are There More Expensive French Restaurants Than Expensive Chinese Restaurants?
WellHeeled examines the reasoning behind restaurant pricing and marketing.

Hank (Own The Dollar)
How Much Life Insurance Do You Need To Buy?
Hank offers a few guidelines to use when determining your life insurance policy needs.

The Smarter Wallet (The Smarter Wallet)
EverBank Review: Top Savings Bank Rates

Whew, I have a newfound respect for all previous hosts and hostesses of the Carnival, and thanks to all the bloggers who submitted!  I had fun discovering a whole slew of great blogs I’d never read before. 

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