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March 30, 2010

I have a guest post up at Consumerism Commentary: Finding a Good Job in a Bad Economy: A Job Hunt Post-Mortem

Be sure to stop by the Carnival of Personal Finance at Four Pillars. I particularly liked Mrs. Nespy’s list of 8 Ways to Prepare for the Worst. Getting my “estate plan” together requires more than half-hearted attention which is all I’ve managed to give it. Despite that, I’ve managed to gather more than a few insurance policies over the years and just need to finish molding them into a cohesive emergency plan.

Monevator’s Earn more money by tackling your mental beliefs is really interesting. I love this line of questioning. I don’t have any hang-up myself as I want to save the world and you need money for that.  What I’m specifically willing (or not willing) to sacrifice is a case by case basic, but I don’t believe quality of life is equivalent to earning power or take-home income. 

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  1. Monevator says:

    Glad the post provoked some interesting thoughts. Unfortunately there’s no easy answers when it comes to delving into your own psychology, but at the very least it stops us making unquestioned assumptions and decisions.

    Cheers for the link! 🙂

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