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Sunday Challenge Reporting (and link love)

May 9, 2010

Did I say I’d set up updates on Saturday?  I’m all discombobulated!

Cody and Candace reported: $164 of $500, reaching 33% of the goal
Danielle hopped on board with a goal of $1500 in debt reduction
The Lost Goat has joined the Fitness side planning to job 45 minutes, 3 times a week, with a 5K on June 6th.
Ciawy reports her plan to save $250/week and bring lunches to work

I have received three payments for invoices and logged $2030 of $5000 this week. 

Notes: It’s a great start, but the rest of the way is going to be quite a bit more challenging. I’m traveling next weekend so I won’t have nearly any time to spend on freelancing.

{————Carnivals and Link Love————}

Weddings in the Blogosphere 
Stacking Pennies is back from her mini-moon and raised her rent.
Red is getting married TODAY.

Interesting bits
Lazy Man fit in a couple finance related movies last weekend.  I keep hearing about Wall Street but I’m not sure my blood pressure can take it.

Frugal Scholar’s daughter, Lucy Marmalade, expressed a profound thought in the course of sharing her Pink Pearls:

What if something I feel indifferent toward could, through an act of generosity and thoughtfulness, find its way into more loving hands? …. A random act of kindness (which doubles as a cleansing act of sorts for the giver) can lead to immeasurable joy in someone else’s life.

My Thanks… 
Thanks to Well-Heeled for including my post, A little sumpin’-sumpin’?, in her Origins of the Five Pigs Edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance.  I was most amused by this because the night before, one of my oldest friends told me he’d never heard the 5 Little Pigs nursery rhyme. Is that what that was?

Thanks to Funny About Money for highlighting and picking up a form of our $5K/5K Challenge in Health and Dollars: A Challenge. We were thinking along the same lines at the same time, so cheers to her Lose Ten Pounds goal!

Thanks to the lovely Mrs. Simple in France for her thoughtful response to my post, A little sumpin’-sumpin’?, in the “you deserve it” trap and weekly post picks. I don’t think it’s a great response just because she agreed with me. 🙂  Her point, ” Then again, treating yourself to make up for something sounds like a slippery slope as well–if taken to the extreme.” is exactly what I’d be concerned about as the ultimate “If you give a mouse a cookie” sort of personality.  A very close friend is subject to that.

Thanks to Crystal of Budgeting in the Fun Stuff for sharing her experience with getting caught up in the heat of the discount in The Special That Sucked Me In… I think Crystal’s version is for a much better reason than my own. 🙂

Thanks to Frugal Scholar for sharing a book review of Possom Living, a book about living frugally in a pretty extreme situation, and noting my attempts to occasionally be possum.

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  1. Revanche says:

    @Budgeting in the Fun Stuff: But of course!

  2. Red says:

    Thanks for the mention! 😀

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