By: Revanche

Care to win an Ultimate Wedding ($100,000)?

March 2, 2011

Crate and Barrel’s running an Ultimate Wedding Contest with all kinds of sparkles:

$100,000 budget! 
Celebrity planner Yifat Oren!
Campaign to get the most votes to win!  
Photos of your very special day will be posted for all the world to see!
Wedding registry must have a total value of at least $2,000, and contain at least 50 unique items!

But you know, I’d need them to really put a hook on this.  I’d need them to make me want this.

Tell me I get to keep the remaining budget that I didn’t spend.

Then I’ll be in this sucker. Otherwise …. eh.  That’s a lot of hoopla.  I suppose one could come away with a boatload of loot, but still, hoopla.

8 Responses to “Care to win an Ultimate Wedding ($100,000)?”

  1. Or you can try The $5 Wedding that CB suggested! 😉

  2. You could always give things to charity. That would be a great theme. Maybe not the one Crate and Barrel wants to hear though.

  3. Kathleen says:

    Wow, this is pretty sweet. And would eliminate the need for budgeting. But it is excessive. And I don’t know if I want the “whole world” (or Crate and Barrel shoppers anyway) to see my wedding photos.

  4. I can’t even imagine my DREAM WEDDING be more than $3,000….

  5. leslie says:

    Well, they will offer you a celebrity wedding planner so I am guessing that person will have expensive taste.

  6. We saw that and decided it wasn’t for us. Our dream wedding is only a few thousand. I do wish they would let you keep the extra $$ though! 😉

  7. LOL. Getting to pocket the rest sounds like a great idea.

    I can’t imagine spending $100,000 and having to do all the planning and organizing that goes into a $100,000 wedding. If I don’t really get to keep anything from it, I think I would need more incentive, as well.

    I’m a lazy person… Wedding planning sounds like so… much… work. 😛

  8. Revanche says:

    @Well-Heeled Blog: I’m still pondering how to do that.

    @nicoleandmaggie: That’d be fantastic!

    @Kathleen: I don’t even know how I *feel* about wedding photos, much less about publicizing them!

    @AP: I don’t have a dream wedding, if I’m not allowed to elope…

    @leslie: You have a point. But I’m a selfish wench who cares not a fig about the planner’s taste 😀

    @Fig: Hey, speaking of Figs! 😀

    @Fabulouslyfrugal: hahaha yes .. it can be. I think it can be a lot less work but if you’re doing any kind of party, it’s just work. Megh.

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