By: Revanche

A week of online shopping: will it bear fruit?

November 27, 2012

Online shopping’s my coping mechanism for not loving shopping in stores where my sizes don’t live but I actually have very little patience when it comes to buying things online. For someone who relies on delayed gratification in so many parts of life, you’d think I’d have a thoroughly Zen outlook on this now.

Instead, I survive slow shipping times by pretending I didn’t order anything and then slowly forgetting that an order even exists at all. Then when packages arrive, fun surprise!  The whole thing is a bit mad, really, but it works.

This post is, therefore, flouting my whole coping mechanism. But what the hey, wild side, and all that, right?

From a purple (!) blazer I couldn’t get an image for [Petite 2] and two trousers [Petite 00]. Getting adventurous with color here. Total: $309

Funny story, when I went back to get a photo of the pants, I couldn’t remember why I picked the Cafe trousers in the first place. That bodes well for liking them …. :/

Left, Cafe trousers; Right, 1035 trousers in Super 120s.

From Banana Republic, a grey blazer and a blouse that might go with any of the blazers I bought and currently have. Total: $137.00

Grey Flannel, Petite 00

Spicy Yellow Mustard, Petite XXS

From NY and Company, two pairs of the same trousers in two different colors: black and cherry. I didn’t even know they carried petite sizes but with free shipping and no minimums, it’s worth giving them a try to see what quality they’ve got. I’m looking to replace a specific lack of black and other professional trousers in the closet. Total: $50.

Petite 0

No huge surprise that J.Crew is the most expensive of the group, even after 25% off and free shipping.

The challenge will come when all the boxes finally arrive and I have to start a) trying things on, b) figuring out what actually fits, and c) making the call on which to take to the tailor and which to return.  Emphasis on the two choices here because nothing will fit off the rack.

Any predictions?

14 Responses to “A week of online shopping: will it bear fruit?”

  1. Nope, anyone who can shop at Banana Republic is shaped so totally differently than I am that I couldn’t possibly guess what would work:)

    • Revanche says:

      The interesting thing is that Banana Republic always keeps me guessing with their sizing & whether it’ll fit. Did I say “interesting”? I think there’s another word I mean for that. 🙂

  2. Katherine says:

    I have had very mixed luck with J.Crew lately so I’m going to guess that the BR blazer will be the 100% keeper with the rest mixed – let us know what you keep!

  3. SP says:

    I got a few things on order as well. My neighbors probably think i’m a shopaholic based on packages arriving, but I really just hate going in store!

    • Revanche says:

      Haha, it’s possible ours think the same since PiC does his fair share of ordering too! And my stores probably think something awful of me too cause I only come in to return 😀

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  5. Ya got me lady!

    I hate shopping. >_ I need to physically try things on before I buy. Hopefully, one of them will be the one for you. 🙂

    But now you’re reminded me that I don’t have a pair of black pants either… huhn… =/

    • Revanche says:

      It’s so much easier for me to try on at home and then just return whatever doesn’t work because I can try on stuff when I’m least tired and figure it out later.
      Black pants are just necessary because they’re easiest for me to pair w/anything else, when jeans don’t cut it.

  6. Shelley says:

    I’ve been looking at online shopping quite a bit lately but find I balk at paying shipping and duty. For that I’d rather pay the higher prices (it all evens out in the end) and get to try things on. I hear you about the petite clothes though. And most of the stuff here is either teenaged or v. boring old lady stuff. For me, all roads lead back to learning to sew clothes well.

    • Revanche says:

      I *HATE* paying shipping so I look for free shipping deals (minimum buy costs, I can always return whatever I buy to pad out the order) or free ship codes. Duty = our tax, right? I think we only had tax exemption on Amazon for a while in CA but that’s over now 🙂

      I see the same extreme ends of the range types of clothes too – takes a little digging to find a good variety, I think.

  7. I went a little crazy with the online shopping in September and October, and I discovered J Crew! I love their Minnie pant (got them in twill and wool), and LOVE the fabric of the super 120s. I got some ankle trousers in that fabric, but the cut was too big, so I’ll need to get that taken in.

    But you also reminded me that I need trousers – normal trousers. lesigh.

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