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Sharing is caring: dog wish list edition

February 8, 2013

Resumes. At some point I may go on a rant about them but for the love of peanut butter, the “creative” resume for non-creative jobs drove me bananas.  So infographics?  Please. No.

Famous doors are neat.

Another great direction in which to toss a little money: John Scalzi’s Counteract A Bigot drive which is doing so well.

Firefly Owner Monthly?  Lovely.

Deathstar Kickstarter This is actually getting funding which is sort of hilarious. Also:

The main challenge is assuring Kickstarter that this is a joke and not a serious project. As proof, the goal has been set high enough to make successful funding almost impossible.

I share a worst fear with eemusings. But I’ve always been terrified of losing eyesight. Hands down, the optometrist scares me five times more than going to the dentist.

via @mochimac: Children really are not a retirement plan or an investment. Quite unfair of any parent to expect them to pay out like a long term CD.


The tv is on in the background a lot and that means I cycle through a whole lot of shows I’d never make time for. I wish Arrow was any good but I couldn’t stand the entire first episode; the writing and characters felt so forced and unbelievable. And I don’t exactly have high standards for shows that I’m only going to less-than-half pay attention to.  Though the few episodes of Blue Bloods wasn’t half bad.

We have established that we have a snacking problem in this household. This wouldn’t be an issue except one of us still has serious problems with portion size and oh, I don’t know, eating everything just because it’s there. It’s expensive.  Chips, salsa, guacamole, roasted roasted nuts, ice cream, and … I snack on the sandwich cheese. We don’t have fancy cheese, just regular sliced (not those disgusting Krafts singles though) and it’s delicious snacking.

Due for another haircut. Geez. I would go drastic and lop it off into a pixie cut or something but that’s going to want even more maintenance. Igh.

I really want a cat so that it can play with Doggle like this. Only it’d be more like kitten attacking a statue.

I would love one of these guys. Oh so much. But the drool factor is pretty offputting.

Look at how enormous that guy is full grown!

And sadly, the American Bullmastiff Association says they’re better with cats and people than other dogs:

Most bullmastiffs can be taught to share a home with cats, though some with a high prey drive never seem to lose the temptation to give chase. Other dogs are another matter. Because the breed was developed to work independently and to be wary of canine intruders, Bullmastiffs are frequently aggressive toward other dogs. In most cases, males and females will get along, but a Bullmastiff with another dog of the same gender (any size/breed of dog) can spell trouble. The dogs may do well with one another for years and then some small trigger sets them off and they will be enemies for life. If you share your home with a Bullmastiff and another dog of the same gender, you must be prepared to possibly deal with a fight breaking out among them. A fight involving a Bullmastiff almost always involves extensive, expensive veterinary care, and you must separate the dogs from one another for the remainder of their lives as a precautionary measure. Some dogs can be socialized to a degree of cohabitation after an incident, but this is the exception to the rule and not easily or generally accepted by the Bullmastiff.

So that’s just no good. That won’t be true of every single dog but better safe than sorry. Doggle’s pretty good with other dogs but I’ve always wanted a pack, not just one dog. So I will enjoy them on YouTube.

11 Responses to “Sharing is caring: dog wish list edition”

  1. Karen says:

    Well, the drool and the other end. I don’t want to clean up either! I can’t handle the drool. Makes me gag.
    I’ve seen the dog waking up video before. It cracks me up. I think I’m good without a dog taller than me. Instead of me tripping over the dog underfoot, the dog would be tripping over me.

    • Revanche says:

      I’m not a fan of drool but I’m less than a fan of needing a shovel for the other end. 🙂 I sort of always forget about that detail.

  2. The video of the bull mastiff dog fully grown is the nightmare of Cesar Milan – the owner NOT being the pack leader. Hehe.

  3. Linda says:

    That is an enormous dog! My neighbor has a mastiff mix and he is a big sweetheart. I still wouldn’t want a dog that big. My dog is about 50 pounds and that is about as big I’d like to go when getting another dog.

    • Revanche says:

      Definitely enormous. I suppose it’s unrealistic. I wouldn’t want a dog that could take me for a ride, not really. But it’s fun to think about.

  4. Katie C. says:

    I’ve had bad eyesight for a very long time. (We now know it’s AVM-related but thought it was amblyopia since I was 7.) So I second the notion that the optometrist is SO MUCH worse than the dentist! My reasoning: You can improve your teeth, but you can’t make your eyesight better. So if I have a bad cleaning, meh, I’ll start flossing, and it won’t be so bad next time. Suck at the vision test? I’ll probably do worse next year! Plus, no free stuff from the eye doctor. BOO.

    A pixie cut wouldn’t be more maintenance IF (and only if) you went SUPER short. If you go with a style that has to be styled, forget about it. Way more work than it’s worth.

    It always amazes me how cats and dogs will play. It also gives me a heart attack. I suppose because I grew up with a german shepherd, I just imagine the dog swallowing the cat in one bite. The cat in that video has gorgeous coloring.

    Those bullmastiffs are cute as puppies and as grown dogs! That video cracked me up. Thanks for sharing! I’ve bookmarked it for sour days. 🙂

    • Revanche says:

      Yeah it does seem like there’s more you can do about “failing” a dentist appointment even though over time, you do risk major health issues there too. With vision, you can only get stronger glasses, or it just keeps getting worse!

      I’m thinking that needing to return for maintenance cuts frequently is just too much trouble 🙂

      I’ve seen cats and dogs cohabit very well and sometimes the cat will initiate play but never really had cats and dogs that actually played like this. I think it’d be superfun to watch.

  5. […] when I said we snacked too much? Well, I was mostly pointing fingers but that totally backfired. I’ve been eating a mini […]

  6. ohhhhh Swedish valhund!!! I wonder where they got it? They’re so rare as to be practically nonexistent in the US. Somewhere I read that the corgi breed supposedly descends from valhunds. That little guy looks corgi-esque, but if it were Cassie, she’d be yapping her head off. She does dote on cats, though.

    • Revanche says:

      Good question! I’ve never seen one myself – though I do see a strong resemblance between the vallhund and corgis though!

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