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Sharing is caring: Amphibians Edition

February 28, 2013

from @mochimac: Do you ever feel guilty for making a lot of money? Presupposing that you consider your current income “a lot”, file this under Things I Am Adamantly Against. (unnecessary guilt)

from @frugalscholar: FS is considering whether it’s nutters to co-own a home with her (responsible) son in Real Estate Plan: Is it crazy?

from @funnyaboutmoney: Rice pilaf! I love all kinds of grains, and rice most especially, though I rarely cook my brown rice. We don’t plan ahead enough to have time to make brown rice so we do the lazy Trader Joe’s frozen brown rice.

from @ruth: A crap comic book shop I’ll be sure never to give my money to whether I go to IL or they ever show up at a comic convention.

from @eemusings: Treating friends is an odd thing. With some friends, it’s easy as pie to split the bill or cover our portions with cash, with others it turns into a pissing match over whose turn it is because the big spenders covered the whole freaking bill the last time but they’re not acknowledging that this is someone else’s turn. It gets a bit frustrating. I don’t mind treating the occasional friend but I want to pay my fair share most of the time so we don’t jump into the next month’s Entertainment budget.

from @fabfrugal: spending $2,000 to heal her acne might seem excessive but I remember how much my mom struggled with non-acne skin problems, how upsetting and embarrassing it was for her, how much she tried to fix or cover it up. It annoys me enough when I break out just a little, or when some of my skin takes on weird coloration that’s not on my face. I can’t even fathom being resigned to an uncooperative epidermis where the focal point was my face.

from @marieevevallieres: Married Woman Travels Solo. Really? Women shouldn’t be “allowed” to travel alone? That says more to me about the person saying it and our idiotic culture that fosters that idiotic attitude than the woman. I’ve probably traveled just as much with as without my spouse/BF thanks to work travel and while it’s different, it’s just as enjoyable as traveling with a partner.

from @thenextweb: Andrew Mason beats BattleToad. I mean, gets fired from Groupon. An entertaining good bye letter. Social awareness, self awareness, humor without deprecation.

from @CrystalVanTassel: A How to Meal Plan book.


I didn’t watch G.I. Joe: the Rise of Cobra when it first came out. Catching it on tv now confirms that decision. My face contorts in the “What THE..” position and really, it’ll freeze that way if I watch the whole movie.

My hair keeps GROWING. It gets so knotty every night that by morning, a pack of Scouts could train for a badge trying to unravel this dratted mop. Took six inches off a few months ago and it seems to have gotten just as long again. Just about ready to lop it all off and go chin length or shorter.

Stocks: I tried to execute the most complicated trade I’ve ever tried: a limit order setting the price I want to buy at, Good Til Cancelled, in an All or Nothing sale… and got rejected. Only 100+ share purchases meet their minimum threshold for AON sales and my 40 share order was too small fry for them. Well fine. I’ll just keep watching the stupid stock then.

The most hilarious frog.

11 Responses to “Sharing is caring: Amphibians Edition”

  1. eemusings says:

    Yep, mine is now getting unruly (ie past shoulder length) and soon I won’t be able to cope with it. If I can’t sweep my brush through the length of my hair easily, it’s a problem in my books. I think I’ll get it cut at the end of this month and then I’ll have a month until the wedding (which should be enough to grow out my fringe if they cut too it short).

    • Revanche says:

      Yeah … I used to be pretty good about keeping it shorter but now it’s nearly down to my waist. And it’s Sheer Dang Laziness that I don’t do better at keeping it short again.
      It IS nice to have a fresh cut for wedding-time though.

  2. mochimac says:

    Your hair keeps growing? Most people would kill for that kind of hair.

    (At least, I would.. then I could chop it off in a fit of rage, only to have it grow back next week..)

    Thanks for the link back. I definitely file feeling guilty under “unnecessary emotion”.

    • Revanche says:

      I feel like this is an unhealthy amount of growth, like I’m one of those reloadable Barbies that had growing hair, y’know? Except my “hair growth” crank keeps getting turned.

      “chop it off in a fit of rage” : yep .. that’s pretty much coming…

  3. Linda says:

    Oh! That squeaky frog video woke my dog up from her nap on the chair. She was instantly alert! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the link, my dear! And I love the simple look of your new website.

    PS. Cute frog, much nicer than the usual rrribbbit 🙂

  5. Thanks for including my post!

  6. Thanks for the link! 🙂

    Long hair, eh? Well, enjoy it while you can…at a certain age, lush long hair looks kinda silly on a woman. I’d love to have my hair back, but it was making me look like aging WT who couldn’t afford to get a haircut. Which I couldn’t. Can’t. Hate bangs, and can NOT persuade a stylist to do something other than comb my hair down over my forehead. Finally can afford a cut today…thank goodness! Damm hair is poking me in the eyes.

    Try tying your hair back at night with a covered elastic (not rubber, of course). That may help with the tangling. Also start combing from the ends and slowly work up toward the head — that usually gets the tangles out without much pain.

    Like the script heads…very pretty.

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