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Sharing is caring: Valentine*s edition

February 14, 2013

Star Wars fandom weddings from @Amy_geek. That’s just darned cute. PiC made a face at my proposal of geeky themed stuff back when we were discussing wedding stuff, but I like to think he’ll come around.

via @patti_v: The Yellow Dog Project. This is a pretty cool idea for dogs who need not to be jumped, petted, or approached for any number of reasons.

via @SingleMa: Success Against The Odds: Filling My Technology Knapsack From Scratch

eemusings hates Valentine’s Day. I don’t need a day to tell me to tell PiC I love him, we do that anytime, anywhere.

I suppose there’s a lot to be said against the consumer-driven made-up (romantic) holiday but I don’t really care.  As a singleton, it was a day to make my other singleton friends feel special with a flower, a card or a note; singledom never bothered me. As a coupled off person, it’s fine if we do stuff so long as doing stuff doesn’t equal overpriced goods or services and it’s fine if we don’t. My budget doesn’t stop for Valentine’s Day, birthdays or Christmas!

Do you care about Valentine’s Day, one way or the other?



Remember when I said we snacked too much? Well, I was mostly pointing fingers but that totally backfired. I’ve been eating a mini drumstick ice cream for breakfast 4 days out of 7.  Sometimes a second one for lunch.  It’s GOOD. (Dangit.)

And what does PiC do? Brings home another two boxes. *groan* I totally asked for another box but two’s excessive.

It’s sort of mean but I had to laugh at him when I discovered that he gets creeped out when whole cooked fish is oriented so that the head is facing him.  Growing up with old-school parents meant that whole fish was the norm and the head was the most favored part. The “head meat” always went to the senior diner (usually Dad): cheeks, eyeballs and meat around the head was supposedly delectable. I’d get the tail and get every last bit of yumminess off that end. Now that it’s the two of us, I get the head! But … no eyeballs for me. Never did see how that was tasty.

If I could cheat on making the chocolate ganache, I would be tempted to make these molten chocolate cakes.  Just ’cause they look and sound delicious.

Edited to add an adorable video because THAT’s love:

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