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Just a little (link) love: Stupid tax/tax edition

April 30, 2014


Things I learned this week: I misplace files in the wrong subfolders, but only the exact files that I need. So I should really not give up on looking for it until I’ve looked in all the subfolders and done a keyword search. I paid a stupid $14 fee to retrieve data from TaxAct only to find that there was no data there. Then I found the stupid file I needed. Harumph. That’s the end of my business relationship with TaxAct – we’re done.

Also I learned that the IRS will send you a transcript of your filed tax returns (not a complete actual return, just all the essential information) if you call them for it, or you can register for access online and download these forms FREE. It’s a weird day when the IRS is more helpful and cheaper than … anything else. You can also download records of your wages & incomes so even in the depths of stress, I had a ball checking my oldest income records.


But mostly Avengers things …..

I can’t stop laughing at this The Real World: Avengers Tower Edition.

or this: “Barton told me everything” – Loki.

Everyone knows Fury has an eyepatch

Does that answer your question?” – Falcon.  (Interestingly, I didn’t actually know Falcon as a character until I read Ed Brubaker’s Captain America run. And how Anthony Mackie portrayed him was pretty much exactly how I heard him in my head.

Wolves + watermelons.


Orlando Jones started a company that makes multicultural emoticons. This whole conversation cracks me up.

Julie Zhuo on management. I like this list – one of these items came naturally to me but I had to learn the rest. Surprisingly, eventually I came to enjoy this (hattip eemusings):

1. Listening and learning about people’s aspirations and frustrations.
2. Mentoring and advising, generally in the form of providing frameworks rather than here’s-what-you-should-be-doing’s (which is a whole topic for another time).
3. Designing better and more efficient ways for people to communicate, work, or learn.
4. Context-switching often in your day-to-day.
5. Playing a key role in the flow of communication (writing, sharing, meeting, presenting).
6. Owning the outcome of the team’s successes and failures, even if you won’t make all the decisions yourself.


An account of one girl who grew up in a cult. My first thought: Seventeen magazine has served a purpose after all.

Sleep is really quite important, y’all.

Mashable talks introversion with Dr. Andrea Letamendi, our resident Batgirl psychiatrist (hattip @arkhamasylumdoc).
Substitute “other people & their decisions” for “connect” and that’s me right there.

I am guilty of blogging away my anger and tears after struggling to connect with other people. I prefer staying at home or going to a quiet coffee shop over attending a loud party or nightclub. I like reading, knitting and Netflix and I absolutely hate small talk.


I absolutely love the music showcased on the show Nashville. Voice talent: carrying a tune, singing a melody are all things completely out of my wheelhouse so it’s quite literally like magic to me when people sing and sing well.

This song sung by Clare Bowen is absolutely haunting, whether in the context of her character (to her abusive mother), or not.

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  1. LOL! What a day! And what a great agglomeration of links. 😀

    Ain’t it the truth about misplaced files? Back in the day, librarians used to tell us “a misplaced book is a lost book.” Applies to analog files. Applies to digital files.

    Especially annoying on the Mac is the fact that when you try to “save as” to a sub-directory (that would be a folder within a folder, for the post-DOS set…), Finder wants to default to go back to the root directory. So, especially if you’re in a hurry and don’t pay close enough attention, you end up with your data saved where you’d never think of looking for it. I’ve taken to backing important stuff up to DropBox, so as to at least have a shot of finding it someday in the future.
    Funny about Money recently posted…The Gruesome Execution Jive: Am I altogether too savage?My Profile

    • Revanche says:

      Oh I had forgotten about that save as default on Macs! I’ve finally resorted to saving some things to DropBox and then saving it to the external hard drive for back up. Now I’m paranoid that I need a backup to the backup.

  2. XD I LOVED the Avengers links. XD Thanks for sharing!

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