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Just a little link love: Hey Linda edition

May 29, 2015



I’m learning: Taking Donna Freedman’s course

Home: We won, then lost

Money: Neither a lender nor borrower be, indeed


An interesting take on IWT. I take the IWT philosophy with a grain of salt but I don’t mind using the ideas judiciously. It, along with other professional development, helped me negotiate job offers and raises.

Employer lies. I used to ask people what they wanted after the job I was hiring for too, we’d set goals based on what they wanted to come away from this job having learned. But this is a false equivalence: “Is there any real reason to believe shy employees perform worse than extroverted ones?” Shy =/= introverted.

More scams to avoid: the 876 (imposter Publishers’ Clearing or other businesses) scam, the E-Z pass scam by email

Dental repair is scarily expensive, take care of your teeth!

Every time I hear something new about Uber’s business practices, I dislike them more. I know that it serves some populations that can’t get service, and I’m not judging people who use them because they have no other choice, but I won’t be giving them my business.


A neat review of Mad Max: Fury Road


Laura’s right about not plotting your escape from long hours with little ones. I stopped that this second week of Nanny Hunt 2.0 and I’ve been far less stressed.

Why did fewer kids die from other infectious diseases after the introduction of the measles vaccine? Turns out, measles may be a sneaky sonnuvagun

Hey Linda

4 Responses to “Just a little link love: Hey Linda edition”

  1. SP says:

    I’m with you on the IWT. There is some useful tips and tricks. There are bits that are much more DIRECTLY USABLE than other advice style pf blogs. (We followed his car negotiation recommendation.) But the overall philosophy has evolved to something that won’t add much to my life.

    Re: lies employers tell. I feel like my last job misrepresented the amount of certain types of work that I would be doing. It wasn’t totally terrible, and the job by nature had some unpredictability – but they definitely oversold the role. From an employee side, I noticed that the younger workers tend to know the right things to say, but they don’t actually always know how to display them (yet). I guess that is less of a lie and more just needing time to mature. (For example, interviewees all claim to love a data-driven approach to a problem, but when talking about examples of problems or working through solutions never demonstrate this is actually true.)
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    • Revanche says:

      Yes, I used some of his negotiation stuff to refine my approach to good result so that’s handy.

      It seems to be a common theme that both sides say what they think the other side wants to hear which doesn’t tend to produce the best fit overall. Also, I suspect the younguns don’t actually realize you have to use DATA to have a data driven approach… the number of times we’ve taken that approach and shocked the young ones with the insistence on actually collecting data 😉

  2. NZ Muse says:

    Hmm. I find his style/writing/approach a little in your face/abrasive at times but overall I’m a fan and have learned a lot. I don’t think I’d like him in person though.

    RE: employer lies, I read that too. With my current role I really hoped they’d have the incumbent sit in on at least the 2nd interview and really wish they had. I did have a one day handover day which was good. We have some turnover at the mo and definitely had the opportunity for outgoing staff to sit in on interviews but apparently that’s just not done here. (Is it done anywhere?!) Just because often manager don’t REALLY know what day to day is, and that was the case here.

    Did you read the piece where a Philly reporter did an Uber investigation? (Interviewed lots of drivers and even became one herself.) I’ve never used it personally and don’t want to, they sound RANK ethically. That said… we are sort of considering T maybe taking up driving in his spare time. But we’ll see.
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    • Revanche says:

      I’ve apparently gotten used to his style over the years. At least, I don’t expect anything less abrasive and am weirded out when there isn’t at least one snark in an email. Which maybe speaks to my comfort level with snark.

      Hm. Depends on the outgoing staff, but assuming they were ethical and conscientious, I would have outgoing staff sit in on the interviews if possible – they know the job best.

      I haven’t read that Uber piece, if you still have the link I’d love to see it. I think they are ethically problematic in a lot of ways :/

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