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Just a little (link) love: Lion Dance Lunar New Year edition

February 9, 2017



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Des and I are LIKETHIS when it comes to our pets: “So if you spent $3382.23 on your dog, literally six times more than the average Canadian spends on pets, but you know you’ve made that one of your weird-spending priorities? You go, fellow crazy dog lady.”

Chatty coworkers make me crazy. I had one of your Park your Pants chatters who’d try and literally physically cozy up to me in actual meetings, even whispering in my ear!, or inpromptu chatfests she initiated. Obnoxious! I thank everything I don’t have to share airspace with any of them now.

I usually think of myself as a reasonable person but I’m not sure I wouldn’t have a knee jerk “Fire Her” reaction if a coworker chose to disregard office policy and not take sick leave and caused a norovirus outbreak as a result, sending immunocompromised people to the hospital. People, if you have sick leave, stay the heck HOME when you have viruses, or if your kid is sent home from daycare after exposure to them. At the very least, get some info on what they might have been exposed to. This is the sort of thing that could very well hospitalize me or at the very least take months to recover from.

The BITAs’ January savings is stunning.


Cassie shared some drool-inspiring breakfasts that she had while on Whole 30


From the mouth of a former DHS immigration officer: the travel ban is inhumane, useless for improving national security, and thoroughly ignorant. I knew that our immigration screening process was brutal, thoroughly invasive and scary, but I didn’t know that the onerous process is triply so for Syrians and Iraqis. Their process can take several years.

Sherry H writes about the weird behavior of people who don’t know how to interact with blind people, or how to treat them like they’re right there in the room.

How media manipulation, and the fairly normal reactions of decent people, play into the hands of the disgusting.

ACLU lawyer of Pakistani descent was held and interrogated by Customs and Border Patrol solely because she has the “wrong” passport to be truly working for America. ???

Prosperity in the new year

I cannot say how much I love watching the magical melding of people doing the lion dance, and that moment they become the lion. And the athleticism! Whew! I know what it takes to do that – because I cannot – and it’s masterful.

4 Responses to “Just a little (link) love: Lion Dance Lunar New Year edition”

  1. Cassie says:

    I hope the breakfast ideas inspired some drool inspiring ones of your own 🙂

    That BITA savings figure blew my mind. I have a goal to put that much on our mortgage when I go back to work, but that’s over the course of a year, not a single month! Crazy. Good on them!
    Cassie recently posted…Whole30 – Lunch IdeasMy Profile

    • Revanche says:


      Breakfasts – I hope so! I’ll be referencing yours for a while before grocery shopping!

      Savings – I thought we did great at saving but my goodness that $50K in a month has blown me away. That’s more like a year for us too!

  2. Cassie’s breakfasts are beautiful! But leave me feeling slightly guilty about the pancake/bacon/fried eggs (AKA blizzard breakfast) Mr. CK and I made this morning. It’s snowing, so it made sense to consume more calories for lounging around the house.

    • Revanche says:

      @Mrs CK: No guilt, just inspiration! Blizzard breakfast is totally justifiable, you need more calories to stay warm, right? I say that though I would eat that any day of the week with the sun shining 😉

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