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Just a little (link) love: jellyfish taxi edition

June 8, 2017


Video of Cuttlefish Battle


Gwen’s my kind of landlord – she’s doing house renovations the right way IMO.

Penny asked: Are gendered emails a thing? I’m not sure. In the past month I’ve received 4 abject apology emails (only one of them was warranted), and 2 emails overexplaining that they weren’t able to deliver the expected work on time because of a death in the family, and because of toddlers running them ragged. They were all from men. That was an interesting sample set but I’m not sure that it’s representative.

Did you ever have your Sliding Doors moment like the ONLs did? I see how this has happened with my friends who stayed in the expensive NYC / Boston metro areas – nannies, 5000+ square foot estates, and all that fun stuff. They can afford it on their massive incomes but I don’t know whether they can afford that PLUS the kind of retirement they might want to have, without working.

This article describes the devastating fear, ignorance, and the silence in the Asian American community in dealing with mental illness. This is a stiflingly familiar situation that I’ve faced with my sibling and cousins. But I think this sentence also ignores how difficult it can be to obtain treatment for children once they turn 18, once they become adults: “There is plenty a dying parent can do to create a safe future for a troubled child; plenty that friends or family can do when a loved one seems dangerous.”

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