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Just a little (link) love: owl pets edition

September 14, 2017

How blind auditions help orchestras to eliminate gender bias

I still think it’s amazing that Maggie can literally fish for her supper.

Boosting creativity and problem solving by goofing off  I happen to know this works, this is why I switch to mindless tasks when I can’t focus. I know it’ll come back later if I don’t force it.

A Navy SEAL on ten things to focus on to “inspire your children and grandchildren to become everything that they can”. Respectfully I personally disagree with the first one because the act of getting up from the bed is my huge accomplishment of the morning. Making the bed is meaningless energy expenditure.

It has to be safe to say that this letter writer’s friends STINK to high heaven. Who forgets that their friend went through a bad divorce? And SAYS so? Or implies that their wedding is more important than said divorced friend’s financial or emotional wellbeing??

I can empathize with some of the views in this article. I don’t consider us wealthy in the absolute sense – we couldn’t have bought our new place this year without help and I didn’t have any plans to do so, for example – but we are in some ways wealthy. We have two good incomes right now though it certainly isn’t near the neighborhood of the folks interviewed ($2.5M income? Holy moly), we save a steady percentage of it even while living in a HCOLA. We pursue the creation of wealth but still want our child to learn to live a normal existence with choices and sacrifices. If JB ever says “great vacation but next time we (fly private or otherwise do what the rich do) like everyone else”, I will feel that I’ve failed to raise a decent human or gone terribly wrong somewhere.

Thoughts on “gaydar”– is there really such a thing and how does it work?

Excerpts on the all girls remake of Lord of the Flies, this is brilliant.

Turns out, birth order doesn’t mean anything. I think I knew that since I’m the youngest and my older sibling is a trainwreck.

Such a cute owly

6 Responses to “Just a little (link) love: owl pets edition”

  1. Thanks for the link!
    nicoleandmaggie recently posted…Notes from a 3 hour implicit bias trainingMy Profile

  2. Cindy in the South says:

    Wow on the wedding letter…selling your house to go to a destination wedding… whoa…I think the letter writer needs some new friends because her current friends sound like a bunch of selfish twits! I suppose the “friend” may have been suggesting the house sale because the writer was explaining she could not go on trips because of the expense of the house, and maybe seemed stressed. But that is her money and she can do what she wishes with it and personally, I think buying a roof over your head (even if it is expensive) is more important than travel to a one time destination wedding to watch a selfish “friend” get hitched….

  3. SP says:

    I read the NYT article a few days ago and found this paragraph so intriguing, and wanted more information:

    “Scott and his wife had spent $600,000 in the year before our conversation. “We just can’t understand how we spent that much money,” he told me. “That’s kind of a little spousal joke. You know, like: ‘Hey. Do you feel like this is the $600,000 lifestyle? Whooo!’ ” Rather than living the high life that he imagined would carry such a price tag, he described himself as “frenetic,” asserting, “I’m running around, I’m making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.” Having money does not mean, in his view, that he is not ordinary.”

    So, I really want to read the authors book, but it is $17-$20 and not at my local library.

    The wedding one seemed nuts, but I also wonder if the “you should sell your house” idea was true concern about someone stretching their finances. I mean, probably not, but….
    SP recently posted…Am I emotionally prepared for a bear market?My Profile

    • Revanche says:

      That leapt out at me, too! Let me know if you read it and if you like it.

      If that “sell your house” thing was true concern, they surely picked a bad way to convey it. But her friends don’t inspire confidence.

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