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Just a little (link) love: Husky Bubbles edition

November 2, 2017

What can sleep deprivation do to parents? Yes to so many of these problems.

I remember reading the BoxcarKids’ blog when we were both starting out as bloggers, during the Recession, and I’m so glad she’s still around and doing better.

I find myself rooting for this couple brought together by chance and the scummy actions of a selfish man

One in ten girls are catcalled before age 11. Totally disgusting and not a surprise – I saw some of that happening when I was growing up.

Lily at Frugal Gene talks about parents withholding information from their kids, and theorizes her mom was ashamed of being poor. I can understand that. We all have different reactions to poverty. I grew up poor, Mom grew up impoverished. We talked about how hard her childhood was and what she had to do to improve her circumstances as a child, so there was no shame attached to the idea of not having money, there was instead motivation to do better. But I was STILL at least a little embarrassed during my twenties that I was so poor through no fault of my own. JB is currently growing up in SUCH a different environment of having anything and everything ze needs, though not everything ze wants, and I want zir to have a healthy and realistic relationship to money.

Check out Liz’s breadwinning, 6-figure moms series.

Fascinating. In Switzerland, it’s illegal to own one guinea pig (for a good reason). Hattip @geekdadchris for the link!

Husky Bubbles

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