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Reaping Dividends: April 2017 report
Reaping Dividends: September 2016 report
Reaping Dividends: June 2016 report

Real Estate Investing

Part 1: My first foray into the glamorous life of real estate investing
Part 2: Closing the deal
Part 3: The first renter
Part 4: Tenants and projections
Part 5: Rookie mistakes and saves
Part 6: Documentation and tax prep
Part 7: Home warranties and absentminded landlording
Part 8: Home Warranties
Part 9: Finding new tenants
Part 10: Myths and Presumptions
Part 11: Principles, maintenance, and budgeting
Part 12: HOA violations and other nuisances
Part 12: Hiccups and the routine things
Part 13: Reducing costs
Part 14: Rental increases

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