Our Side Money!

What’s going on here?

We experiment with earning money on the side, including minimal cash flow that we don’t touch from an investment property and investing in dividend stocks.

Our side income comes from a tiny amount from Amazon when people buy through my links, Swagbucks, selling clothes on Poshmark which is hit or miss, using cash back sites like Ebates, Mr.Rebates, tracking activity through Achievemint (my introduction to it), and sales on Poshmark.

Historical totals:

  • Craigslist Sales, 2014-2015: $1615.00, 2016: $2920.00, 2017: $295
  • Other Income, 2014-2015: $456.00, 2016: $879.37, 2017: $3,064.04
  • 2014-2017 total: $9,685.41

2018 Craigslist Sales: $0

PiC is in charge of Craigslist sales

  1. TBD!

2018 Other Income: $179.41

My other income earnings take more time, usually producing smaller amounts, but not always! 2017 was a good year.

Cash earned

  1. MrRebates cashback, $20.08
  2. MrRebates cashback, $49.33
  3. Jan Achievemint Paypal, $10.00
  4. Jan Swagbucks Paypal, $25.00
    Subtotal, $104.41

Buying Power earned

  1. Jan Swagbucks Amazon GC, $25.00
  2. Jan Survey, Amazon GC, $50.00
    Subtotal, $75.00

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