By: Revanche

Vanguard tools rock!

July 10, 2006

I did decide to check the numbers again, and I seem to recall that Vanguard probably has some sort of calculator that tells you how much is REALLY taken out of your check if you contribute X amount of dollars. I’ve played with something like that before. But before I could find that tool, I signed in to see a new Retirement Income Outlook. It graphs your current contribution of your average monthly contribution, and shows alternate monthly contributions on the x-axis and how small increases could increase your (estimated) monthly retirement income on the y-axis. I’d show it here but I still don’t know how yet … that’ll have to wait until I learn a little more than basic blogging!

But it also had a sidebar that sums it up:

Can you live on $527 per month? That’s the amount we estimate you may have in retirement. This estimate is based on:

  • Your average monthly contribution of $108.
  • Your current account balance of $1,496.

How cute is that? No, but thanks Vanguard!
Ok that totally sidetracked me but I need to stop procrastinating on my work or the next few blog posts will be: “Unemployment: how it screws MiniDucky’s retirement and savings goals!”

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