By: Revanche

*gasp* Is it possible Citibank finally came through?

September 15, 2006

I have a windfall! It only took 3 phone calls and 20ish minutes following up over the last month, but I think Citibank finally came through with my $200 promotional bonus for opening a new checking account and linking my credit cards.

I found this little item this morning:

AT FC# xxxxx & TELLER# xxx


How very nice! That means I get to *artificially* bump up my savings deposit for this month from -60 [under target] to +140! I haven’t resolved my overly high savings goal problem yet because I’m still having to work all the overtime that gets me close to the goal I posted, but that’s an issue that’s in the back of my mind. (sidenote: This also means the goal meter finally moves!)

Eventually, sometime next year maybe, I’m going to have two, maybe three, people working with me who are meant to relieve some portion of the present workload and I’m going to try to work a slightly more reasonable schedule – somewhat less than the standard 60 hours/week would be nice. No, I’m not just being a spoiled brat here, I definitely believe in doing my time and earning my place but I’m just not sure that I can sustain this intense pace with no end in sight. If nothing else, it’s a matter of identifying and warding off incipient burnout.

Moral: Burnout is bad — you get cranky, and unemployed.

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