By: Revanche

FSA Grace Period

October 23, 2006

October’s almost over and that means most people have two months to use up their FSA allotments unless you have a grace period. Check with your Benefits Administration Department before assuming that you have extra time, or panic buying a year’s supply of contact lens solution to go with last year’s supply of cough syrup, but you may have an extra month or two to incur new expenses that can be paid out of your 2006 allowance.

3 Responses to “FSA Grace Period”

  1. i wished i would’ve learned that in college…

  2. HC says:

    The grace period is great. But I actually think I’ll use up my whole allotment this year.

  3. Sarccastik: You had a FSA in college? I definitely didn’t have access to this until the past couple years, I hope it actually helps someone now.

    HC: Hey, no scrambling for you! That’s great!

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