By: Revanche

And Citibank finds yet ANOTHER way to annoy me

December 29, 2006

I’m not at home today, as I’m usually not when trying to access my accounts online, and I find that Citibank has decided that, occasionally, they will ask for additional information to access my account. That information? No, nothing that I could just remember offhand like additional security passwords. No no, they want your banking card number AND an account number of any account that is associated with that banking card. Of course.

I tried clicking on cancel to see if there are other questions I could answer instead, and it adds another question. AND THEN when I click on the link asking “what if I can’t answer these questions?” in hopes of getting some reasonable explanation for this idiocy, I find their smarmy mouthed answer to be: The answers of these questions are readily available to you as an account holder.

Um, NO, they’re NOT “readily available” you jerks! I’m not at home and I don’t carry account statements in my back pocket! With nearly a dozen bank accounts, it’s completely unreasonable to think that I’m going to just memorize the account numbers. And now I have to sit on hold for an eternity. I really have better things to do, Citibank.

2 Responses to “And Citibank finds yet ANOTHER way to annoy me”

  1. golbguru says:

    You know most banks are going that way…asking for a lot of information in order to log in…it is irritating most of the times. But at the back of my mind, I console myself by saying that it’s for our security….so may be all that PITA is worth it.

  2. I know, but I just get so irritated when they do it in a completely nonsensical way, ie: setting up the procedure without involving the customer. I’m happy to go through the process to increase security just not if they decide to do things FOR me and then make it impossible to conduct business.

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