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Much as I don’t much like Suze Orman, but we have something in common

December 14, 2006

Kira pointed out that Suze seems to think that no one can afford anything. I’m totally the same way. I always think that people spend too much on their purchases even though I keep this to myself (hah! Unlike Suze!) like my coworker’s $50 sheets or well, ok $50 sheets are all I can think of right now. But I definitely always think I can’t afford anything.

This miserly approach to spending really helps when it comes to trying to save as much of my income as possible, but I always wonder if I’m taking my Cash Nazism to extremes. I mean, other people have to make a living too. How happy is that ending if I stashed every dime and dollar and starved to death clutching the laptop with all my bank accounts funded and safely stored away? Yeah ok, other extreme.

Anyway, I was thinking about this because BoyDucky will be home for Christmas and wanted to spend a couple of days together. We don’t usually get much quality time together so that’s a definite yes! But he wants to do a little trip which is a definite *ooh* This isn’t budgeted! (yeah, I know, whatta Scrooge!)

SO, I have rallied my budget travel troops (me) and started researching like crazy to find something affordable that wouldn’t be over the top budget-cheap.

This is my challenge: Can we do 2 days and 3 nights in San Diego, a visit to the Wild Animal Park, renting a car, and eating 3 meals a day in $300 or less??

(Does that sound right? About $100/day for two people’s lodgings, transportation, food, parking, and entertainment during a high demand season?) Hm, that sounds vaguely impossible now that I break down all the categories like that.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve stayed at some decently priced hotels in San Diego – even on the beach and in downtown. It isn’t NYC or Boston or somewhere in that regard. If you are prepared to go further out of the city you can get very cheap. What’s with the car rental? I thought you had a car?

  2. Golbguru says:

    if you can do that…it will be “Wow” 🙂
    Waiting for the actual numbers

  3. i recommend calling ahead to the Wild Animal Park if you are flexible on which day you can go, they have this awesome hot air balloon ride you can go up in and look over the animals (but it’s $15)–if you are interested, check and see if it’s running that day; alot of times high winds/misc factors cause it to be grounded.

    Also, check when the cheetahs are running and the lions are feeding…you could, but you probably won’t want to spend a WHOLE day at the park. The train ride only lasts about 45 min., and you could cover the whole park by walking around (if you are healthy) in a couple hours max.

    Also, there are very cheap and decent hotel rooms in SD…try one near Old Town or on Hotel Circle, where they compete like crazy for business (it’s a decent and safe area, as well–lots of shopping nearby).

    Old town is good for free entertainment (very historical); balboa park also…every tuesday one of the museums in BP is free, check their schedule if it will coincide with your trip. La Jolla Cove and its tidepools are free and fun to explore.

    Fish tacos are cheap and a trademark of san diego, make sure you try those…and of course the view of the ocean is free. 🙂

    I heart SD. Good Luck on sticking to your budget!

  4. Dimes~ Quality time with BoyDucky is very worthwhile but because we have been seeing each other much more frequently than we expected (avg 1-2x/mo), it’s difficult to justify spending even more when we’ve practically adopted an airline employee this year. We just have to be practical too, hence the budget.

    Moom~ The car rental is because he doesn’t have his car and I don’t want to leave my parents stranded with just the one car since they’ll both need transportation during the week. I know it seems ‘extravagant’
    but he and I both agree that we don’t want to inconvenience our parents just because we want to play.

    Golb~ I know! I might have to readjust to $400 because I think BoyDucky has something up his sleeve for dinner.

    Sense~ I didn’t realize the hot air balloon ride was only $15. Then again, I got the tickets for about .. oh, I can’t give that away just yet. Anyway, the two balloon rides would be another set of tickets. Thanks for all the tips, I think Balboa Park sounds awesome. I didn’t even think of the La Jolla Caves and tidepools, I’ve never been there.

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