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Minute Maid, Vitamin C tablets, Airborne

January 5, 2007

I never conveniently have a cold fighting arsenal ready when I get sick. I really should because I’ve been getting sick WAY more frequently at this job than I ever have before. Wait, I do have a leftover packet of cough drops from when Savon was having that sale and coupon deal but other than that, I had to get a second carton of OJ after finishing off the first one and the Minute Maid Kids with extra vitamins (I don’t know why I needed that one, I take a multivitamin at night) cost $4.39!! Ridiculous. Actually, it was my own fault for asking MaDucky to pick it up for me while I was at work, thinking it was still on sale. MaDucky just assumed it HAD to be that brand, regardless of the sale.

Man, being sick is one thing, but messin’ with my budget is MUCH less ok!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    have you tried getting an air purifier or a humidifier? that helps clean “purify” the air so the stuff you breathe isn’t so unhealthy or dirty.

    getting fresh air like taking a walk and walking really fast helps. i also heard liquid ginseng helps and you can take it with water.

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