By: Revanche

Pens & Lip Balm

January 8, 2007

Good, juicy, fine point gel points with a grip neither too large nor too small. And just about any sort of lip balm that moisturizes. Apart from the usual wallet, cell phone and keys, what must you absolutely have when you leave the house? (In your pocket, all of your purses, and travel bags, etc.?) I realized that I couldn’t scramble for more than a second for any pen or lip balm: they’re on top of my desk, in my left desk drawer, in my workbag in my drawer and in the right hand pocket of my coat hanging behind me. Just call it OCD access.

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  1. I use Pilot V-ball pens, black, extra fine. I currently have FOUR in my purse. I also carry my little Moleskine dayplanner, lip balm, and mascara.

    Oh, and a book. At all times, a book. And at most times, an iPod.

    Perhaps you are getting a sense of why I enjoy the huge-bag trend.

    (I’m having some trouble posting; hopefully this won’t post like eight times. Just remove ’em, and sorry!)

  2. mapgirl says:

    Pretty much the same. Pens, lip balm, wallet with business cards, car/house keys.

    I frequently forget my security badge though.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Cell phone! and definitely a moisturizer.

  4. yep, the book or a newspaper is a definite must as well!

  5. Wallet, car keys, house keys, lip balm. That’s pretty much it for me. Anything else in my bag is just extra. I have a lip balm in the car, the bag and my pocket.

  6. Anonymous says:

    My security badge (or I will get harrassed by the guard downstairs), my bus/train pass, ipod, lipstick /lipgloss and keys. Sometimes a book depending on what I am reading 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    hioA pen and journal, cell phone, one credit card, lip balm, and hand lotion. I have really dry skin so the last is a must, especially in the winter.

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