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Conscious Spending: Variation on a theme

May 7, 2007

Though I spent a goodly amount on a pair of jeans Saturday, ’til death do us part, I did not buy any of the pieces I was trying on from Banana Republic as alternative options for my Nordstrom business suit (in case I can’t creatively fund it.) I found that they DO carry a size that fits me, and a dress that I love for its pockets:

Jacket: 168, regular
Skirt: 68, regular
Dress: 85, sale

I’d say that all these prices are hands-down NOT deals, but it fulfills the other requirements of fitting perfectly, thus negating the need for tailoring (unlike most of my clothing), and being available at a store where creative financing is possible. A call to the Thank You Redemptions center revealed that I have a crapload of points, hostage points notwithstanding, and though they don’t offer the $100 gift card for Banana Republic anymore, I can request larger denominations for that and other stores through Your Wish Fulfilled. The catch is that the special rewards are more than likely at a premium so I still probably won’t get my 1 for 1 ratio of points to dollars like I want, but I have the option of accepting or declining the quote that the representative offers.

I asked for a quote on the $100 and $200 denominations of Banana Republic and Nordstrom. One, I can compare the quotes for the most favorable exchange rate. Two, I prefer to have options with regards to the stores, I don’t want to be limited to having money for one store and wanting to buy from the other, after all.

As I’ve said, I don’t like paying premium prices for clothing but as my options in the business-dress department are so limited, I have to save in other ways like not spending actual cash. And as with most things, that takes time and patience. Keep your fingers crossed!

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