By: Revanche

Fighting a losing battle

June 27, 2007

As I get closer and closer to the date of my own little Mecca, you’d think I would be gleefully planning each day, girding to do battle with the masses of people who’ll be attending Comic Con this year. Most especially, you’d think I would be hoarding my pennies more fiercely than ever to maybe add a little somethin’ to the miniscule budget ($200: food, parking, gifts for 4.5 days). Heck, I’m not even sure that I should be spending THAT much in the wake of some recent revelations!

You’d think. How I wish you were right! Because you’d be wrong. Oh, so wrong. The programming for Comic Con is still not available, and so I’ve not got a program to obsess over.

In its place, my obsessiveness has grabbed hold of my acquisitiveness left over from that weekend jaunt to Macy’s and now I’m restraining myself from yearning after adorable summer clothing the likes of which I can only imagine would be wonderful for our lunch reception aboard the USS Midway, or for the lectures of Salmon Rushdie and Michael Tilson Thomas.

Surely, surely you say, such intellectuals wouldn’t be interested in my attire if they even gazed in my direction. True, but I can’t help but want to make a good showing anyway. It’s not for them, it’s for me. Hah! That makes it even harder to stand firm. And NOT BUY. Lord, give me strength to resist!

“Anything I spend now only takes away from Con.” (Repeat 10, no, 100! times.) Where’s someone to browbeat me into obedience when I need him/her??

I know, this is not the most dire situation. But, still.

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