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My weekend productivity clocks in at 50%

June 24, 2007

I must be on an out-for-the -summer circadian rhythm. I’m irresistably sleepy at 5pm, wake up in time for dinner and then stay up the rest of the night reading into the wee hours. I’ve really got to stop this! If for no other reason, so that I don’t sleep between 4am and 11am, losing the entire morning.

Despite the late start, I did manage to get myself to the mall to replace my parents’ cell phones with T-Mobile (remind me to tell you about that encounter and also hit about 7 different stores to try to find replacement shorts for my two pairs of khaki shorts, circa 2000. This is part of my ongoing quest to deFrumpify my wardrobe, an item or two at a time.

All in all, I did ok, though I spent a bit too much. Didn’t finish half of my errands, but I DID accomplish a few important things:

T-mobile, 2 Samsung T-219 phones for: $0. No tax, no shipping (savings of $20, had I ordered them over the phone) and no hassle.
Express, New York and Co., Forever 21, Ann Taylor Loft, Aeropostale and American Eagle were all having some sort of sale, alas, nothing fit.
Macy’s: $61.61 for (all on sale) two pairs of shorts, and a 3/4 sleeve Guess blazer whose niche in my closet I’ve not quite determined yet. The blazer was $35 on sale, making the shorts a great deal ($11 and $13, respectively) but the blazer? Not so much.
Trader Joe’s: $10, their milk and eggs are consistently priced lower than any other store, and that’s their regular price. Their bread, however, leaves much to be desired. At nearly $3 for a 2-pound loaf, I expect the bread not to fall apart when I make a sandwich!

I didn’t get to:
Walgreens to check out their FAR items.
Target: I need some heel inserts for my new work shoes.

Perhaps next weekend!

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