By: Revanche

Google Search Phenomena

August 27, 2007

Can someone explain why about a million people are all suddenly searching the phrase “May you have an interesting life” and ending up here? Is there a radio contest that I don’t know about?

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    There was a blog comic commenting with the phrase “May you live in interesting times” (old chinese proverb)…

    I don’t know why you’re getting the traffic, but.. *giggle*

  2. Oh I love XKCD!

    And I did remember writing a post with that in the title, I was just wondering why there were so many people searching it, suddenly.

  3. Onyx says:

    Lol. I ended here for the same reason above. I have never heard the “proverb” before, so I hit up Google to see what Randall’s comic was referring to and ended up here, on your little place on the ‘net. You seemed interesting enough to leave a comment! 😎

    – Onyx Mueller

  4. ~Onyx~ Oh! Well, welcome! Thanks for leaving a comment 🙂

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