By: Revanche

The new passport laws are good for something!

August 15, 2007

Namely, collecting child support! I’ve heard so many stories about how, if you’re not in utter, desperate need, the state simply doesn’t assist with collecting child support payments. They don’t have the time to help except those in absolute dire need. Well, if the “scofflaw” as this article refers to them had to leave the country, now, he or she will have to pay up. It’s probably only good for a couple of collections, and dependent on the person needing to travel, but that’s still better than nothing!

Unless of course, you’re this guy:

A boxer paid $39,000 in back child support to the state of Nevada last year to get a passport, which he lost. This year, his promoter had to loan him $8,930 so he could pay off his new child support debts and get a new passport to fight overseas.

I suppose that’s one reliable way to get money from that particular fellow.

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