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Parents need medical insurance too: quick note

August 3, 2007

I think my mom might have had a stroke last night, and my nightmares about not having medical insurance all straightened out in the event of emergencies has come true. I’m scrambling to track down information on what little health coverage she has, and not having much success. In the meantime, my coworker is helping me flesh out options for emergency care/clinic referrals, etc., and I think that my sole, best option is to have her go to the emergency county hospital near my workplace and pay any associated costs of exams and testing out of pocket.

I’m praying for the clarity of mind and composure to do what needs to be done that I sorely lack right now. Thank goodness for older, more experienced coworkers with a background in the health care industry.

4 Responses to “Parents need medical insurance too: quick note”

  1. mOOm says:

    I’m sorry to hear that – just saw the post now. You should act fast about strokes.

  2. sabrina says:

    Moom is right. Better to get the emergency care and tests now, and pay out of pocket if necessary. By the time you need to plan for follow-up care, you’ll have a chance to obtain the insurance info from your Dad. You can worry about reimbursement later.

    Saying a prayer that Maducky will be well soon, and sending warm hugs to you.

  3. I hope it all works out for you.

    And yes, act fast about strokes. I’ve had limited experience with them, but as with any illness/disease, the sooner you treat it, the better.

  4. I hope everything works out!

    Hopefully the money/costs aren’t too expensive with what little health care coverage she has.

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