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October 31, 2007

Payday is no longer fun. Yep, that’s right, I said it. It’s not! My darned check is so tiny now that I can’t do anything but throw it into the Expenses fund. My transportation reimbursement goes into my auto insurance savings, and that’s the end of the story for another two weeks. *sigh* There are a lot of boring two-weekses in my future until the end of the year. Bringing home less than half of what I was making a couple months ago is NO thriller.

It’s all down to the bonus, really. It was a big chunk of cash that went directly into my Save-For-Taxes, Expenses and Savings accounts. That meant that not only did I not pay taxes on it yet (and will have to later), no retirement monies were deducted! My retirement funds aren’t having any of that neglect, so the paychecks are responsible for making up the shortfall. It’s sensible. I know it is. It’s just B-O-R-I-N-G!

In other news, I received a bill for $15 from Wamu Investments. *smack* goes my palm to my forehead. EVERY stinkin’ year I forget, thanks to that inertia Mrs. Micah just blogged about, to roll over the IRA from my first long-term job to Vanguard where I will pay NO annual fees. *sigh* And every year I get this bill that reminds me that once again, I’ve been a fool by waiting too long to shift from Washington Mutual to Vanguard. Why not put all my eggs in one basket, hm? One small no-annual fee basket.

Even when I think there’s nothing to do, like a kid on summer vacation, there’s still something to do. My 4th Quarter resolution: Pick a fund in which to dump this small Rollover on the 2nd of the year. Because if I’m going to pay them $15 for the year anyway, they’re going to take care of the fund until the end of 2007! Or should I do that before the end of 2007 to avoid even a nominal 2008 fee?

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