By: Revanche

Becoming an old hand at this retirement investing gig

November 9, 2007

Sign that making retirement contributions might be old hat

Seeing that my account has lost $431 in the last two weeks, my first thought was “Well, that means now’s a good time for the contributions to go into my account. Better prices now. It’ll go up later!” It’s great that I’m not panicking, especially since I see the fluctuations every day but I sure hope I know when it is time to panic.

Sign that I’m losing my mind

I’d sorted through Coworker C’s set of work, and set it aside. Asked for Coworker A’s, and set that aside. Ten minutes later, I looked down and thought, why the heck are these out of order? Oh, they’re from Coworker A. Wait, when did these get here? How did they get here?

Me: “A, did you just sneak over here, put this on my desk and not tell me!? How did you…. how did I not notice??”

A: “No, I handed them to you. You’re crazy.”

Me: “Oh. Ok. Huh.”

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