By: Revanche

Luck of the … Irish?

November 7, 2007

They say, (and I don’t know who, but I’m going to quote, roughly, from David Weber), “If you have one problem, a solution may be difficult to find. If you have many problems, often, they will solve each other.

My real life application isn’t tied up with a ribbon or anything, but it sort of worked out that way.

Little Boss and I had a chat outside today. It was more a ranty-rant at him about the workload and difficulties in accomplishing certain tasks uninterrupted. I hadn’t even mentioned the problems with trying to schedule my doctor’s appointments.

He offered to allow the office to take two work-away-from-office days so that they could fulfill their parts of my project! The benefits:

1. Getting a good amount of work done in one concentrated swoop. That puts the pressure back on me to pull together their parts of the project the following day, but the work would be done!
2. I can spend my day catching up on the whole chunk of project that’s been piling up on my desk without interruptions.
3. Finally, I could schedule my doctor’s appt on one of those two days and not “miss” any work because I’m saving 3 hours of commute time a day just by working from home!

Now, how is THAT for good news?

And in the mail this evening? A letter to MaDucky scheduling her follow-up MRI scan. *big sigh*

Item C [work] has an action plan, check. Item D [Ma’s medical] has a next step scheduled, check. Item F [my medical] is on the calendar. And I just spoke with my brother who promises to have the car back here tomorrow afternoon, so I will have transportation on Thursday to accomplish the above tasks, check, check. Hallelujah, praise Heaven. Well, not just yet, but I will if he shows up. Item G [wedding stuff]… I will print out at work, having received permission from Little Boss to do so.

Bills were paid last night, I’m scheduled to get the ‘brows groomed tomorrow and booked my ticket, using my two Southwest credits from previously cancelled trips, to see BoyDucky for some good ole couple time at the end of this month. It’s a shame I won’t be able to fly up a third time this year to claim that freebie award ticket from their Buy Three (in CA), Get 1 Free! promotion, though. That would have been really nice.

4 Responses to “Luck of the … Irish?”

  1. sabrina says:

    A most excellent plan! (Work at home? Now, why didn’t I think of that?)

  2. SavingDiva says:

    Great job working out all of your problems! I’m impressed at all of the planning and success!

  3. Your company/bosses are very, VERY understanding of you and your situation, do you realize that? Please realize that, not all of us are so lucky…

  4. ~sabrina~ Your former counterpart does it pretty regularly now, and it’s probably how she manages to keep her chin above water. It was awesome getting through all that work so quickly.

    ~savingdiva~ Thanks, but most of the credit is due to the happy circumstances of having a decent boss and great timing.

    ~sense to dollars~ No doubt about it. No matter how much grief they put me through on a daily basis, they do make up for it by caring. And that counts for a lot.

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