By: Revanche

Whatever happened to Teen Spirit?

December 10, 2007

or was it Easy Spirit? (I think that’s a shoe, actually.) Did they ever sell it in stores, or was that some ’80s by-mail phenomenon?

I ask because amid the hustle this weekend, my sleepover guest had an unexpected errand: a stop at Target for some deodorant.

While we browsed the aisles, I was struck by the selection of deodorants and how many of them were more than $3 per stick! Prices ranged from $2.89 up to a whopping $7! Can you believe that? Whatever happened to the cheap deodorant that teenagers used back in the day?

Honestly, of all the things to spend our hard-earned money on, I can’t believe that deodorant can be such a large expense.

(I picked up a 97 cent sample of Ban for my purse just in case, since I was there. I’m a sucker for trying new scents, even if I’m so congested I can’t actually smell right now.)

4 Responses to “Whatever happened to Teen Spirit?”

  1. Teen Spirit was the name I think

    But you’re right, the cost of those deodorants are ridiculous. I’m actually wondering if they’re even useful.. I don’t seem to notice a difference but maybe I’m using the wrong ones.. ?

  2. Earlier this year, I became obsessed with CVS Extra Bucks program and coupons, and I was able to get most of my hygiene products for free or less than half the price of a new one: deoderant, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, toothpaste, you name it. I have over half my stash still left, sitting in my cabinets waiting to be used up.

    i hate spending lots of money on stupid stuff like that…$7 for deoderant is ludicrous!

  3. SavingDiva says:

    I have to admit that I have a small stack of sample deodorants stored in my bathroom. I request them from WalMart’s free sample section. If I do purchase deodorant, I use a coupon and make sure it’s on sale!

  4. ~FB~ I have a friend who swears by Secret Clinical Strength, and another for whom no deodorant/anti-perspirant works well enough. I just don’t know! Luckily, I can select mine according to scent, most of the time, and cost.

    ~sense to dollars~ I’m actually rather interested in the CVS Extra Bucks program now. I’ve always done the Walgreen’s rebates for free shampoos, conditioners, toothpastes and toothbrushes, but it seems like I could get more variety with CVS as well.

    ~savingdiva~ I love the sample sizes for keeping in my desk or for travel! They’re so convenient. But I stocked up on regular deodorants when Vons was still doubling coupons, stacking with sales, so I haven’t bought any (except for the travel sized Ban) for a very long time. And with those prices, I don’t want to!

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