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Blog Earnings: tracking the boom times

January 4, 2008

Every so often, I ponder removing the ads on this site because at this rate of earning, I’ll probably hit the minimum payout requirement in 13 years. I never do it, though, because I get a kick out of seeing how many pennies or nickels I’ve scored each given month.

Today, I discovered that the Adsense account site shows the earnings history FOR ALL TIME, so I got curious. It turns out that my first four months of Google Ads-ing were the most profitable:

August 2006: $1.35
September 2006: $3.69
October 2006: $8.94
November 2006: $11.05

Earnings dropped off sharply thereafter … reaching an anemic $9.76 for the year of 2007. Again, November was the peak earnings month. I wonder why that is? We love clicking on ads during Thanksgiving? Pre-Black Friday talk? Did I even post about Black Friday?

January bids fair to possibly match last year’s earnings, clocking in thirty cents as of end of business today.

Good thing I wasn’t planning to quit my job, though I think that Flexo could, if he chose, to rake in the online-business income full-time! (Good on you, Flexo!)

2 Responses to “Blog Earnings: tracking the boom times”

  1. SavingDiva says:

    I did okay last year with my google ads, but I don’t know why some days are better than others!

  2. ~savingdiva~ I was wondering that myself, and how values are assigned to days and such. It seems so arbitrary.

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