By: Revanche

It’s raining bills!

January 7, 2008

I’ve finally just completed my list of monthly expenses, and paying this week’s bills. Nothing’s quite like the negative reinforcement of watching all your month go zip! zip! zip! out of the savings account. Actually, I love that half of these payments go on a credit card which is paid in full at the end of the statement period, at least I get something back, but it’s almost worse watching the balance on the credit card creep ever higher. It’s like anticipating the pain, knowing it’s coming … soon … and BAM! All the money’s gone.

Alright alright, I guess it’s not all that dramatic, but it feels like it.

City, trash: $85
Gas company: $30
Credit card (gas, purchases, some of last month’s bills): $220
Cable/tv: $26
Landline: $36
Auto insurance: $824

This week’s total: $1221

4 Responses to “It’s raining bills!”

  1. SavingDiva says:

    I feel like money flies out of my checking account. I’m going to try to bring it down to normal in January…but man did I spend a lot of money in December!

  2. Every damn time I get a paycheque, it seems like the entire thing disappears in one shot. *sigh*

    Damn my budgeting system 😛

  3. Do you need the landline? If there is an emergency, it sounds like your parents have a cellphone to call for help…

    If you are looking for leaks/holes in your budget, or even just support with your situation, I recommend
    if you don’t already know about it. i peruse it alot, everyone’s really helpful.

  4. ~savingdiva & FB~ *sigh* I’m right there with you, ladies!

    ~sense to dollars~ The cell phones aren’t 100% … they’re not even 75% at times, so I feel better having the landline right now. Also, during heavy phone use months, I use the landline when I’m low on minutes. But, this could conceivably be a cost to cut a little later on.

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