By: Revanche

Starting the shopping year off right

January 1, 2008

Most shops are closed today, New Year’s Day, and I’ve already managed to spend $14 on groceries: cough drops, OJ, milk and eggs.

I was going to review the week’s spending because I’d forgotten that A) it’s Tuesday, and B) it’s already next week. Yeah, I’m totally ready to go back to work tomorrow!!

Last week’s spending, then:

Monday – spent the morning at the cemetery, no spending in the afternoon or evening.
Tuesday – Christmas! Spent the day family-hopping, eating too much good food, and opening way too many presents. Loot: three books, a lovely necklace, two cute bead bracelets (one of which snapped the next day, doh!), a fantastic, made in Florence, journal. From BD: A Maxtor external hard drive, and a Green Lantern ring that’s hugenormous. I love it.

Worked on Wednesday, and forgot to eat breakfast or bring lunch, so I spent $4 on lunch.
Thursday – most of the day was spent at the cemetery visiting A’s grave and eating lunch with the family. No spending.
Friday – used some SW credit to purchase one leg of my flight to see BD for our 3-year anniversary. We then went to Ikea and spent about $220 on office supplies that I’ll be reimbursed for, and $25 on a bathroom rug (for Ma) and ergonomic pillow for me. That was a great $8.65 spent on the pillow, I’ve been getting GREAT sleep. I treated BD to Pho at a restaurant my family frequented when I was a kid: $18, tip included.
Saturday – no spending!

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  1. SavingDiva says:

    Any weeks with no spending days are good! I don’t know when the last time I had a no spending day….probably when I was too sick to leave my apartment!

  2. ~savingdiva~ Too right, chica! I’m trying to avoid small daily purchases so that I can rack up those no spend days.

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