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How should I Spend $75?

February 27, 2008

I’m expecting a $75 statement credit in the next 8-10 weeks on my Citi PremierPass card. I have a few options, listed in order of practicality, for what to do with that money.

*edit: Since I composed this, the statement credit has already hit my account!*

***I would not use it for gas, groceries or drugstore purchases because I get 5 points per dollar spent on those categories from another card.***
***I would not use it for cell phone bills either, my AmEx gives 5 points per dollar for those as well***

1. Request a refund check.

2. Try to spend exactly $75 on the card on upcoming utility bills. It’d be pretty close, or a little over, depending on what I’m paying. Either way, I’ll get another 150ish Thank You points from the transaction because I have a ton of Flight Points that can’t be freed without Purchase Points.

3. Buy a $75 Target gift card so that I can use it for other miscellaneous necessities that I hate spending “real” money on. Would have to be careful not to go on a mini spending spree because you know how dangerous shopping at Target can be!

4. Spoil myself: Buy a $75 gift card to Macy’s, Nordstrom or Theory (for use in their outlet, someday).

Since #4 falls under the category of instant gratification, and I’m all about delayed gratification to get the most bang for my shopping buck, it’s the least likely.

What would you vote for?

6 Responses to “How should I Spend $75?”

  1. I agree…#2. It gives you the most bang for your buck…

  2. Blue says:

    I agree – number 2 sounds good.

    In Target related news, I had to go there on Tuesday to return something (the receipt was expiring the next day – procrastinator much?), and I “re-discovered” their dollar section. I already knew it was there, but I don’t usually shop at Target because, well, I usually don’t need to be spending money on stuff. Well, while I was in the collar section, I found a bunch of travel stuff. Since my roommies and I are going to NYC for Spring Break (I keep meaning to post about it, but I keep forgetting/getting too busy), I decided that yes, I really needed a travel blanket, travel pillow, document folder (a long wallet, really), travel journal, and travel bathroom case. I still think I’m forgetting something. They all match, too. AND, my personal favorite, they cost $2.50 each. $12.50 for stuff that I’ll likely use again and again (my family travels a lot) is really not too shabby.

    Too bad the amount of my returns didn’t cover the cost of the stuff I bought (and that’s not even all the stuff I bought…).

  3. Blue says:

    Hmm… that should read “dollar,” not “collar.” I should work on my proofreading and/or typing.

  4. Ms. M&P says:

    my head says #2, but my heart says #3. i hate spending money at target too–even thought i kinda love the place.

  5. Ok, I think I’m going to have to compromise just a little. Let’s see how today goes 🙂

    ~Blue~ Your experience with Target is why I often choose NOT to walk in there at all 🙂 Sometimes it’s easy to pass on lower quality items, but a lot of the time they have stuff that’s priced about right for the quality and is too cute to pass up!

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