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Miscellany Friday

February 29, 2008


1. Chase Rewards Check: $50
2. Reimbursement from Coworker: $64

I’ll make a long overdue stop at the bank, write a check and pay some bills this weekend. It looks like I have to take a substantial chunk out of my e-fund to get through the past two and next
two weeks after all. 🙁

Little Boss has been out all week (in HAWAII, the lucky so-and-so) +
Admin Asst has been either late or not showing up at all during the week + Coworker 1 was out sick three days =
Ms. Miniducky wearing everyone’s hats! We made a contraction of all our four names to represent my roles. 😛 I think I did a relatively decent job of making sure that all Big Boss’s needs were served, that all the projects were prioritized sensibly every morning, that Coworker 1’s work was either redirected or maintained in her absence, and that the interns were productive. Little Boss may find plenty of things wrong with how I did things in his absence, but I think I did very well considering the circumstances.

Grief is a very weird animal…. several times this week, I’ve been struck, literally stopped in my tracks, by intense memories of BoyDucky’s ordeal and their family’s grief, and my own sense of loss and incomprehensible pain of the past six months. It comes and goes in waves, and all I can do is blink through the tears and try to breathe. Inconveniently, it happens most often at work. I guess the bright side of that is that once I breathe through the pain, I’m not alone, and can shuffle through some work or talk to coworkers to distract myself.

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  1. *hugs*

    It’ll take time that’s for sure. You’ve got such a strong support network which is good as well

  2. ~FB~ I wish that were true. I’ve been becoming very much a hermit as events became overwhelming, and don’t really have anyone I feel comfortable relying on at this point.

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