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March 14, 2008

It’s Friday. I got to work almost an hour earlier because I had to drive in, which means leaving before predawn. You know how predawn is a murky sort of light? Before that it’s just DARK.

Randomly during the drive, I started seeing black spots in the center of all the lights in the distance. The gals at work tell me that my brain was still asleep and couldn’t be bothered to fill in the outlines of what I was seeing.

Saw a car on fire on the freeway. Seriously, ON FIRE. I’ve never looked at accidents driving before, but there were real flames coming off what remained of that car. Yikes!!

Don’t know what I was thinking: Planned to call the insurance agent today, and don’t have my claim number, insurance agent’s phone number, or anything with me. Duh.

Still haven’t called the city … and it doesn’t matter because they’re closed on Fridays. *sigh*

Planning to go out with the girls from work tonight as part of my current drive to get out and try out this nightlife business. Am really zonked, so I’d better get a nap in before we go out.

Big and Little Bosses committed us to the nearly impossible for the next week and a half, and the onus is on me to organize the heck out of my colleagues, without burning anyone out on any single task and compromising their quality of work, and make sure that it all runs like clockwork. Also, the onus is on me to check everyone’s work, and put in tons of hours this weekend to make that Sunday night deadline. *grrrrr* If we miss a single beat, and screw this up, we’re not going to get paid for all the overtime we’ve put in. Oh wait, if I screw up. *more grrrrr* But you know what? We can do this. And they’re going to pay us all. And that’s going to revive my e-fund. All good. And even better, this means I definitely don’t need to or can’t take on a second job right now – no time, and OT will be coming in! Yay! (I must be punch drunk already, I’m looking on the bright side now? Heh.)

We have leftover pizza and chicken wings in the fridge. Wanna guess what I’m going to do on my 15 minute break? It won’t be working out in that cold! 🙂

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