By: Revanche

“You should start a blog!”

April 28, 2008

So Best Friend suggested last night, as I nattered on about savings bonds and other financial minutiae. Heh. Yeah ….. uh … about that. No, I didn’t tell her, but I almost started giggling which would have been a bit suspicious. I’m preserving my anonymity as long as I can. I don’t want to have a debate about ending my blog because I have to be even more careful about censoring myself.

Ironically enough, a friend accused me of not being able to keep a secret last week. I’m not the source of the leak, but I almost wanted to defend myself by pointing out that I’d kept my pf blog, to which I post nearly everyday, a secret for nearly two years, and if that’s not keeping a secret, I don’t know what is.

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  1. Sense says:

    Do you keep it a secret from boyducky, too? My boyfriend knows I have a PF blog (but doesn’t know what it’s called). He’s always so curious–whenever i’m reading a blog, he runs up, inspects it, and asks if it’s MY blog. I’m crafty enough to never be on my own page. 🙂

    My sister also knows, but again, doesn’t know enough to find it. I just don’t want to censor myself for those reasons…

    If one of the thirty people that know me well read it, they would know it was me if they put everything together, however I doubt they would go into it thinking, “I wonder if ___(me)___ writes a PF blog?”

    so I think I’m safe.

  2. ~sense~ Boyducky knows about it but he’s pretty disinterested. He knows that I blog regularly and that I have blog buddies, but he’s not interested in finance so he rarely reads it. The one time I was linked to by, he insisted on reading it, with my permission, but other than that, it’s my own thing.

    I’m pretty sure that if any of my friends actually found this page, they’d know right away it was me because of my name 🙂 Sadly, this often prevents me from suggesting they read such and such a blog, because I’m afraid I’ll comment or link to it, and somehow be found out.

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