By: Revanche

Muhammad Yunus: Banker to the Poor

May 30, 2008

BB recently received this book about the Nobel Peace prize winner who established a micro-lending bank 23 years ago. Apparently, he secured Yunus as a guest speaker for one of our conferences this year. I’ve been wanting to read this book for some time, and I casually asked him if he was planning to read the book, because I bet he won’t, really. He told me to take it and read up on it because I’ll likely get to meet him later this year. 8) (Maybe, maybe not. We’ll see.)

As soon as I compile my notes on my latest reading/study project, I’m diving into this one. Finally, my job provides some reading material that resonates with my personal interest! Or really, my self control’s all concentrated on other stuff, I may just start reading this now.

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