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Once in a while, I wish I were more rich than organized

May 18, 2008

I don’t wish I were less organized and more rich, no, no, I’d like to retain my level of organization and be richer than that. I know, apples to oranges. But it’d sure make booking last minute fares for a holiday weekend seem less painful/impossible.

I’d rearranged my schedule and wanted to visit BD in June, but it turns out he has to be here for the weekend. That means no us time. Instead, he asked me to see if I could make a Memorial Day weekend trip happen. Compared to the $600+ prices for just a regular, round-trip ticket, the $300 fare plus an unnecessary rental car on Travelocity almost seems like a deal. Uh, I don’t think so, Tim. And with gas prices, driving would cost at least … $120 each way. Eeep! Even with an awesome 400-450 miles per tank average, that’d still be a doozy of a gas bill. Oh, plus over 8 hours of driving each way.

But if I were rich and had $7000 in my travel fund, not just $700, I would probably go ahead and spend up to $350 to go see him for a long weekend.

Phooey. Times like these, I can’t wait to be financially secure and even well-off.

4 Responses to “Once in a while, I wish I were more rich than organized”

  1. *nods* I hear that sistah!!!!

    *sigh*…. this is why I try and make things as organized as possible and plan ahead of time with holidays…

  2. ~FB~ I have to admit that this was also my fault. Like everything else, Memorial Day falls on the SAME DAY every year, why I didn’t discuss plans with BD two months ago like I usually do, I just don’t know. *tsk*

  3. Katie C. says:

    Hee! You made a Home Improvement joke. LOVE IT!

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