By: Revanche

Catching my breath

July 6, 2008

Whew, I made it. The past two days have been positively crammed full of activities and obligations, so much so that I wasn’t getting to bed until after 1 am. Am I getting too old to hang? 🙂 It’s actually been so busy that it wasn’t until after I checked the fluids in my car and cleaned house for a while that I realized I haven’t posted anything for two days!

Friday was fantastic fun. Hung out with best friend’s entire extended family for most of the day, networked with one of the relatives and may have a project lined up for several months from now. The cool thing is that I’m slowly putting some feelers out, very carefully, to certain acquaintances and friends to explore freelancing opportunities. I don’t plan to go freelance full-time, I definitely plan to keep my day job because I need my health insurance but this is another way of maintaining my sanity for right now.

Also, we went to Sonic Burger. Have you seen their silly shake commercials? I’ve seen a few, but the only thing that actually sticks with me is that they have tator tots. I love tator tots. Handily, I actually had cash on me to reimburse the person who put the meal on his credit card because I keep forgetting to make a bank run ($7).

Saturday was crammed with visiting: with friends for French Toast brunch in the morning ($1.50 for a dozen eggs), had a baby shower in the afternoon ($20 for baby-related gifts), and dinner with the cousins in the evening. I was literally running from one event to the next, and trying not to sweat too much. Ew. Spent the late night hours watching SNL, and gossiping with the kids. I guess I can’t call them “kids” really, anymore, as I was giving college and driving advice …. me? I’m experienced enough to give advice about college? Yeah, I guess so. Welcome to the almost real-world!

Finally hit the sack after 1 this morning, and luxuriated in my well-earned rest.

Today? I meant to work on my car’s lock but my car friend never showed up. Just checked my fluids and loaded the cargo net and emergency kit back in the trunk. All’s well there.

It was good to spend time with people I hadn’t seen in forever. Notably, family friends, friends from out of town, friends who are so busy working that I never see them, friends from former places of employ. There might have been a touch of stress from all the travel and shuttling about, but ’twas nothing a little cleaning workout today couldn’t work off.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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