By: Revanche

Feels like Sunday

July 30, 2008

Have been home since this afternoon, it’s been eight days since I last sat here doing my bloggy thing.

Took me 3 hours to get caught up on bills, the payment and reconciling of, phone calls to straighten out erroneous charges I would not be paying, and organizing reimbursements. I promptly pooped out afterwards, skipping the “go to bank,” “sort and start laundry” and “go grocery shopping” portions of my to-do list.

Have TONS to do first thing in the morning at work. August will be an extremely challenging month. September will be, also, if I survive August, intact and employed. Magic eight ball says: Ask later.

Would like to:
1. Post pictures of puppy.
2. Post pictures of H&M find. (Yes. Guilty.)
3. Post Con update.

3 Responses to “Feels like Sunday”

  1. 1. WILL ask later

    2. Can’t wait for H&M find

    3. I am just dying to spend money. 😛 and you aren’t gonna help

  2. Matt says:

    oooh… magic 8 ball – you’re on your way to senior management with one of those. Make sure its prominent on your desk at the office.

  3. Revanche says:

    1. Tomorrow? Today? Which first?
    2. ” ”
    3. Saw-ree.

    Matt: Dangit, and I left it in one of my goodie bags at home. I’ll start off next week right with my Sr. Mgmnt 8-ball keychain.

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