By: Revanche

Overpaid at the grocery store

July 8, 2008

I was tricked. No, it was really my fault. I intended to pick up a slab of Pork Country Ribs that were on sale for 99 cents/lb on Sunday. I was in a hurry, so I picked up one of the slabs in the rack right next to the big red sign proclaiming: Pork Shoulder Ribs: 99 cents/lb!

Unfortunately ….. it wasn’t really the right package. Even though there were no other packages of ribs right next to the sign, I failed to do more than wonder why the package was $10.31, assumed that it was ten pounds (it was only 4.4 pounds), and paid more than twice the price I intended to pay. Had I not been in a rush and preoccupied trying to figure out if I was going to meet with BF for dinner, I’m certain I would have double-checked that price and realized something was wrong before I got to the checkout stand.

My distraction pretty much derailed my budgeted grocery list, and I didn’t get nearly enough for my money. As I look at the ad again, it’s not specific about what brand of pork was on sale, either, so I’ll call later and find out if it’s possible that it wasn’t just a mistake on my part.

Either way, I’m a bit irked at myself. I’m usually so careful, and I just messed up. Phooey.

2 Responses to “Overpaid at the grocery store”

  1. I did that with my “C” Batteries. Saw them for $5.99, got charged $7.99

    In the end, didn’t even need them because they were for my sweater shaver..

  2. Revanche says:

    FB: Ar, can you at least return them?

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